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Xgridfit is an XML-based high-level language for adding instructions (quot;hintsquot;) to TrueType fonts.




Related Projects

Molengo-fonts - Molengo is a multilingual Latin script typeface for documents

Molengo is a Latin typeface for documents. It is multilingual and has some features required by many minority languages such as non-spacing mark placement. The font is produced with Fontforge. The glyphs are designed in a CFF file but the production file is a TTF file with hinting instructions made with Xgridfit. The files are released under the OFL license (see http://scripts.sil.org/OFL). To generate the font from the source files you'll need Fontforge (http://xgridfit.sourceforge.net/) and Xg

edrip font is a contrast sans-serif font

Edrip font is a contrast sans-serif font. It is based on the Teams font released on 2000 by TopTeam Co. Edrip contains symbols for basic Cyrillic and Latin alphabets. It is distributed under the terms of SIL Open Font License. You need fontforge and xgridfit in order to build truetype fonts from the sources.

Evristika - Heuristica is extended version of Adobe Utopia font

Heuristica is a font, based on the “Adobe Utopia� font that was released to the TeX Users Group under a liberal license. It is distributed under the terms of SIL Open Font License. You need fontforge, xgridfit and font-helpers in order to build truetype fonts from the sources. Archives in Downloads section could be unpacked using xz or 7-zip version later than 9.04.

Istok - Istok is a sans serif typeface

Istok is a new sans serif typeface. At present it has the four fonts with support for Latin and Cyrillic. The font includes oldstyle figure variants and small capitals (Regular only). Most glyphs are manually instructed using xgridfit, but other ones are autoinstructed in fontforge. Truetype instructions are specifically intended for rendering on LCD displays. The Russian word и�ток [istók] means source. The fonts are distributed under the terms of either GNU General Public License Version

Liberastika - Liberastika fonts are fork of Liberation Sans

Либера�тика — шрифтова� рублена� гарнитура, производна� от шрифтов Liberation Sans. Ра�про�тран�ет�� в рамках лицензии GNU General Public License второй вер�ии � и�ключением дл� в�траивани� шрифтов в документы. О�новное отличие от гарнитуры Liberation Sans заключает�� в приведении дизайна некот