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XML related tools: xsddoc (documentation tool for W3C XML Schema), xsddoc maven plugin, swing: JXTable (JTable with frozen columns)




Related Projects

Itchy-turtle - Event based Content Management System

The Itchy Turtle CMS will provide a unique and more efficient CMS model. Current systems all rely on pages being generated on user request - this is essentially resource polling, the Itchy Turtle CMS will use the power of XML to generate pages when new content is added - this is a more event based model.

Xframeworkcomponentsengine - XFramework - An rapid prototyping environment based around components b

XFramework is developed around the idea of "Components Based Entities" the idea is to do away with the huge inheritance tree approach to entities within games and have all entities built from Lego-brick like components with a script defining which components and properties an entity has. XFramework also provides a lot of other utilities which aim to make it usable as a quick prototyping engine where game ideas using components can be quickly developed. At the moment, to compile and/or use XFrame

xframe - Flash preloader for ads

Flash preloader for ads

xframed - First try of a expl3 package

First try of a expl3 package

XFrames-2 - Minimal framework for small jobs

Minimal framework for small jobs

xframe.js - cross-domain iframe scroll

cross-domain iframe scroll

jquery-xframe - A simple client-side include system using AJAX.

A simple client-side include system using AJAX.