X-Metal Fire

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With an original story about an apocalyptic event and world changing discoveries of it to encapsulate as a visual novel... Original retro graphics and audio to relive the retro experience of the famous NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) 8-bit jRPGs.




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Gfire is a plugin for the Pidgin IM client which allows you to connect to the Xfire network. This plugin features your friend's list, full games list, viewing Xfire profiles and join friend's server.


Spring remoting transfer xfire,hessian,httpInvoker,Demo

Xfire-module-gmod10 - Xfire Module for Garry's Mod 10

This is a simple DLL module designed for Garry's Mod which allows you to change the Xfire status or the information displayed in the Xfire infoview of a particular user.This can be handy for displaying user statistics so people on their friends list can find out what their friend is up to, just from the infoview. This can be useful for roleplay mods and such.

Xfire-spring-factory - Spring Factory to create XFire service stubs

I am using XFire Webservice Framework with Spring to create POJO based web services and clients. XFire provides a small Ant utility (http://xfire.codehaus.org/Client+and+Server+Stub+Generation+from+WSDL) to generate Stubs based on the WSDL file. XFire generates lot of classes during stub generation. This project contains a single Factory Bean to eliminate direct usage of the additional classes generated by XFire during stub generation. Spring Configuration to create Order Service Factory <bean i

Javaeesamples - Sample code and proofs of concept of JavaEE technologies

Different proof of concepts, sample codes and good practice of Java EE technologies: Examples: - Webservices with Xfire, Jibx and Spring (built with maven) Maybe more to come...

Smartposse - Interface between Freelancer and Manager

a web-application for reli freelancer and Manager for a project

Openfire - A Java client API and suite of LAN party tools for accessing the XFire gamer&#39;s instan

This project is no longer actively maintained, I have had reports that it no longer works (likely to due a backwards-compatibility breaking change in the XFire protocol) and I don't have any time to try and fix it. Apologies for this, if you are interested in taking over the project then please let me know. OpenFire is a Java API for accessing the XFire gamer's instant messaging network. It has been built to allow the creation of LAN party tools to manage communications at large (100+ man) event

Proplan - A simple project manager

This project manager aims to an easy to use project manager, i know there's a lot of pm software , but i wanted do create one to apply the mixing knowledge i have of pm and software development. It uses spring, hibernate, flex, xfire and others. it aims to be a mixing of cool technologies. it has no relation with the dog food. ;-)

Livebookstore - An online bookstore web application

This project cames from Xuefeng's book "Spring 2.0 Core Technology and Best Practice" which is a completely ready-to-run example of JavaEE web application based on Spring framework. This online bookstore web application based on light-weight Spring framework, integration of Acegi, Hibernate, XFire, Velocity, OSCache, Compass and Lucene. Snapshot: NOTE that the demonstration site 'www.livebookstore.net' is closed because the domain name...