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XFactor is a Gnutella file sharing client which harnesses the power of the LimeWire Core. It supports all the modern Gnutella features including Firewall to Firewall transfers, Universal Plug and Play, and also has iTunes integration.




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X-factor - X-Factor Skin for MediaPortal

X-Factor SkinAbout the SkinThe concept of this skin is to make all options in MediaPortal available as easy as possible and this in an attractive way. I have tried to keep balance between the use of fanart and usability. As a user of this skin you can customize the main menu and also what images you want to use for different views in the skin. X-Factor was originally based/built upon the great skin files from StreamedMP. The idea behind the main menu is to have a menu that fits the area of one s

Official-xfactor-gadget - Google gadget featuring the latest X Factor developments as they happen.

Keep up-to-date with the latest X Factor developments as they happen with the official Google gadget.

Clr - CLR Project

CLR SkinAbout the CLR skinThis skin has found ALOT of inspiration from the upcoming XBMC skin called Welo. That skin is one of the most beautiful skins I have ever seen and I have been very inspired with that skin as you can see in the screenshots below. The idea behind the main menu is to have this menu available everywhere in the skin. Press up on the plugin specific menu and you will see the basichome (main) menu. This provides fast navigation and access to your most used parts in MP. The ski