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VNC for XFree86 v4.x architecture




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Viavre - Virtual AntiVirus REcheck

Release VIrtual AntiVirus REcheck by Renat's ViAvRe ViAvRe 12.11 Test version Under OpenSuse 12.1. In Kde version (Stable 11.4 and test 12.1) Add Gui tool for manage console antiviruses: Avg, F-prot, Avast, Clamav, BitDefender. ViAvRe 11.10 November 2010. Add ftp server, now you can upload files to ftp, and file "viavre" and ViAvRe check you files with avg, avast, bitdefender, fprot antiviruses. Analogue virus total (on you PC). Before first use - read antiviruses licenses. ViAvRe 10.10 19 Oct.

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