XeTeX - Unicode-based TeX

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XeTeX is Unicode-based TeX using platform fonts and font technologies (e.g. AAT on Mac OS X or OpenType features on Mac/Linux/Windows) to provide typesetting for all the world's scripts.




Related Projects

Xcp - XeTeX Chinese Preprocessor

xcp is a simple preprocessor written in Python to help Chinese XeTeX users to use XeTeX easier. XeTeX is a TeX extension written by Johnathan Kew with a lot of improvement on Unicode support and OpenType/AAT font usage.


CV, typesetted in Helvetica Neue, using XeTeX, TikZ and Biblatex

Xecjk-template - Provide an daily use latex template with xeCJK for Chinese typing

This is a latex template for Chinese users. With XeTeX support, the latex now can use any system fonts, and xeCJK is used to set some special CJK typing rules based on XeTeX.

Yet-another-bupt-thesis-bachelor - a XeTeX project aimed at providing a bachelor thesis template to

Hello there. Here is a XeTeX project aimed at providing a bachelor thesis template to BUPT graduation students. - It's still under construction. - You should need latest xetex installed and xeCJK on your machines. (detailed configuration will be provided later). Thanks to the following ones: - cnMuggle (http://code.google.com/p/buptthesis-bachelor/ - DazzleZhang (http://code.google.com/p/buptthesis/) - gnawux (http://code.google.com/p/latex-bupt/) - Ruini Xue (http://sourceforge.net/projects/thu

Xlingpap - Linguistic Papers in XML

We have a new web site for XLingPaper. Please see it at http://www.xlingpaper.org It has everything this site had and more.

Am-course-2010-2011 - Advanced Mathematics Courseware in Chinese, autumn 2010 to Spring 2011

composed by Y.B. Tang, Autumn 2010 to Spring 2011 code type: Xetex Tex distribution: Texlive 2010 platform: Mac OS Leopard 10.06 / Windows 7 / Ubuntu 10.04 Lts recommend IDE: eclipse + Texlipse prompt for compiling: Xelatex main.tex output format: .pdf requirements: Adobe Std Chinese fonts (Heiti, Kaiti, FangSong, Ming and Song)

Texdoclet - help to make tex document

It can make many .tex into .pdf and .html.And It can use latex or xetex. you can use: texdoclet -p ~/docsrc -n ~/doc -xelatex -tth to generate the .pdf and .html file automaticly. help: -p path : the src dictionary. -n name : the distination dictionary -xelatex : use xelatex to compile -pdflatex : use pdflatex to compile -tth : use tth to compile -xehtlatex : use xehtlatex to compile -htlatex : use htlatex to compile there a config.property file under the "root" dictionary.you can change the def

Zhspacing - XeTeX macro for typesetting mixed Chinese documents with punctuation spacing adjustment

zhspacing fine-tunes several details in typesetting Chinese using XeTeX and XeLaTeX, such as automatic font switch between Chinese and Western characters, skip adjustment of fullwidth punctuations, punctuation prohibitions, automatic skip insertion between Chinese and Western characters or math formulas, etc. Notice 08.4.5. For your information, currently zhspacing is not the only package for Chinese typesetting under XeLaTeX, and it doesn't update often. Mr. Sun Wenchang's xeCJK is probably a b

Xeguji - Macros for XeTeX/XeLaTeX to typeset gezhu (warichu) using a different method

This project aims to provide a solution of typesetting gezhu (warichu) used in guji (ancient Chinese books). It also hosts the XeLaTeX port of zpxing@ctex's guji.cls by LoveHeaven@ustc and me. With xeguji.sty and guji.cls, one can typeset well-formatted guji with gezhu in a somewhat simple manner. Still under development, and XeTeX is buggy in typing with Chinese fonts in vertical mode. New note: this project is no longer active. Refer to gezhu.sty instead to typeset gezhu.