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An image filter system for UNIX/X11 based on volterra and morphologic filters.




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Dans-snpcs - A addon for garry's mod which adds a bunch of SNPCS.

A bunch of SNPCS I made. I did little modeling except decompiling and the russian model with the ushanka. Included is: Xenomorph from Alien series Facehugger from Alien series Velociraptor from Jurassic Park Arachnid Warrior from Starship Troopers Generic Zombie from every zombie movie/game/whatever. ;P Parasite (bug things) from Cloverfield HGrunts from Obsidian Mod Snork from Stalker Replica from FEAR (Yes, I know, the gun position is broken. I can't fix it unless I have a modeler so...) Blood

xenomorph - Various Transforms for Graphs

Various Transforms for Graphs


Typed-Word Invokable Xenomorphic Incident Engine, a simple Text-Based adventure creator for Python

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