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Xenei.org was formed to provide ongoing development and support of Open Source solutions. This project is the home of several Java projects, including the Xenei Utilities which are used by most Xenei.org projects. See the project Home Page.




Related Projects

Xenei.Demitrius a knowledge base system

Xenei.Demitrius will be a complete knowledge base application system. The client will contain a local database and may connect to one or more Demitrius servers. Servers are implemented in Java as Xenei.ImagoX Extensions. Security is role-based.

Xenei.Imago XSLT Servlet and extensions

Xenei.Imago blends servlets with XML transforms. Imago provides access to the servlet environment from the XSLT extension elements framework of Xalan and the emerging standards. Imago is well suited for integration of web services to legacy systems.