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XElements is a lightweight, easy-to-use Windows GUI library written in C++, that is both available as a C++ library and as a Python module.




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XStreamingReader - Streaming for Linq to Xml

Xml Stream(XmlReader) to IEnumerable<XElement> for Windows Phone(memory save) or parse large Xml.

Osoframework - OsoFramework is a web robot technology based on Ecyware GreenBlue Inspector technolog

OsoFrameworkWeb robot framework, works with .NET 3.5 and Mono 2.3. Example code: // using readstring goog1 = Read(new HttpSettings { Query = "http://www.google.com" });// using get XDocument for url// pre parsing is for manually parsing non conforming XHTMLvar goog2 = ReadXml(new HttpSettings { Query = "http://www.google.com" }, x => x);byte[] a = ReadWebBinaryResource("http://subsonicproject.com/content/images/SubSonicSMall.png"); // Example: Parse site using registed navigation steps// Get sta


A set of wrapper classes that can non-destructively edit an underlying LINQ XDocument or XElement whilst using standard .NET object notation. A better (more-robust) solution than the XmlSerializer

Dbmlmassager - DBMLMassager is a tool for use with Microsoft Linq To Sql dbml files

DBMLMassager is a simple tool for programmatically modifying the .dbml files generated by Visual Studio 2008 Linq To Sql projects. It is a WPF application that uses XElements to modify the XML stored in the .dbml file. Currently it just turns off optimistic concurrency checking for the entire model by setting the UpdateCheck=Never property on every column found in the file. But using the existing framework it can easily be extended to make whatever changes to a .dbml file you might need.

Comdivmvccontrib - Cleaned and enchanted versions of BrailViewEngine and XsltViewEngine for MS ASP.N

OverviewFeature list of .Comdiv 1.0 PRE RELEASE 1HOW TO START USING OverviewMvcContrib.Comdiv got thier real start and ready for using by developers. Main work done is tested and fully featured (for current point of view) version of XBrail View Engine (both MonoRail and MVC) with it's main features : BML (Brail Markup Language) - provide way to write html as native compilable code, this allow to use native BOO (without asp-like delimiters and "ends"), produce well formed html, minimize size of v


cppe4x是一个简�的C++跨平�XML解�器,基于DOM和XPath方�实现,其目标是快速的构建xml应用。 cppe4x�常适�快速的构建测试程�以��置文件的读写。当�仅支�ANSI和UTF8格�的XML文件。�时,cppe4x在Microsoft Windows平�下会自动进行utf8与ansi编�的��转�,简化使用习惯。 cppe4x最�的目标是构建与ActionScript3中的E4X语法类似的接�,但由于C++与AS3语法的巨大差异,目�的cppe4x无


A library of C# .Net XElement extensions and helpful classes.


A quick MVC3 site showing how to use AutoMapper to map an XElement to a contract for use.

dom-xelement - Extensible DOM elements based on web components

Extensible DOM elements based on web components


Uma forma de escrever Tags html de forma fluent, além de permitir usar a idéia do XDocument e XElement.