XDXF - XML Dictionary Exchange Format

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XDXF is a project to unite all existing open dictionaries and provide both users and developers with universal XML-based format, convertible from and to other popular formats like Mova, PtkDic, StarDict, ABBYY Lingvo etc. * New drafts of format can be found here: https://github.com/soshial/xdxf_makedict/tree/master/format_standard * The development of dictionary converter moved to Github: https://github.com/soshial/xdxf_makedict




Related Projects

Atlantida Multilingual Dictionary

Atlantida is an open source multilingual dictionary written in Java. It can translate words from one language to another and pronounce them. As of version alpha 0.15, Atlantida uses XDXF dictionary format.

Szotar - A bilingual dictionary and vocab learning program.

Szótár is a bilingual dictionary and vocabulary learning program for Windows. The program does not need to be installed to work, just extract the zip file and run Szotar.exe. It is written in C# 3.0 and runs on .NET 3.5. It uses SQLite and System.Windows.Forms. Please give feedback if you have any; you can do so via the issue tracking system. Current ProgressThe current version is 0.6, and sports a quick and useful dictionary lookup, word list editing, tags, and practising, importing dictionar

Open Source Dictionay [Pundict]

Pundict is a multilingual dictionary application that will support multiple languages available as dictionary bundles. The program will be written in Java and use XDXF format for dictionaries. See website for more details.

Asymptopia Vocabulary Tool

Asymptopia Vocabulary Tool is a standalone, platform independent EduApp to create and perform assignments built from information stored in the XDXF format. Resources include Webster and Oxford dictionaries, English-Spanish, Jargon, Synonyms, and more.

Auto-text-completion-xdxf - An auto text completion tool based on XDXF dictionaries (written in Java

An auto text completion tool similar to those found in Netbeans, Eclipse or Visual Studio (not as complex). The list of possible words will be loaded from xml dictionaries (XDXF format).

Learnc - learning c and basic data structure and algorithms

The project hold some c source files to learn c language standard library, data structure, and algorithm. you can get it use command: svn checkout http://learnc.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ learnc The code was not for production usage , just for learning the language,library,algorithm. The directory structure need to be reorgonized ,it's on my todo list. My web site is building in progress at http://www.xuecs.com , I will wrote some article about the project. Currently the web site only has my blog

Sqltoappledictionary - Neko tool to convert a sql database to Apple Dictionary xml

BackgroundIn order to create an Apple Dictionary for the Dictionary.app on OSX you need to create a xml with all the definitions (See the sample from /Developer/Extras/Dictionary Development Kit if you have x-code installed) After you create the xml you have to compile it to Apple Dictionary format with a tool provided by x-code. The problem is you can't create the xml manually, i've saw all kind of methods to create the dictionary but they were very unsuccessful for me. So, i'm writing this too

Ste-editor - Sintegrial Text Editor

About S.T.E. S.T.E. is easy-to-use and feature-rich plain text editor. It is completely free-of-charge for everybody (licensed under GPL). S.T.E. is a multiplatform application (runs on Windows, Linux and other platforms). Therefore, it has the same look-and-feel everywhere. A new major release is available: 0.4.0Features: customizable editor coloring schemes syntax highlighting for many languages/formats (more than 30) smart indentation and tabulation autocompletion while typing quick editing v

Abacus - Abacus is an xdxf parser and semantic toolset for Ruby.

Abacus is an xdxf parser and semantic toolset for Ruby.

xdxf_dictionaries - The rails 2.3 plugin for managing XDXF dictionaries in ActiveRecord models.

The rails 2.3 plugin for managing XDXF dictionaries in ActiveRecord models.

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