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Plugins for XDoclet 2 (http://xdoclet.codehaus.org/). This project is not technically related to the XDoclet 1.x (http://xdoclet.sourceforge.net/).




Related Projects

Eclipse Javadoc Builder

The javadoc builder is an eclipse plugin to integrate xdoclet-style functionallity into eclipse IDE. The javadoc builder is extemly faster than XD+ant/maven and is totally integrated into the IDE making it easy to use and deploy your own generators.

Xdoclet-plugin-ignore - Remove XDoclet2 "unknown tag" warnings

IntroductionIntroductionModulesxdoclet-plugin-ignorexdoclet-plugin-ignore-testUsage Remove XDoclet2 "unknown tag" warnings. Tags that are not standard Javadoc tags and that are not recognized by other plugins will be ignored. You may see a summary of unknown tags or no warnings at all. Modulesxdoclet-plugin-ignorePlugin implementation. Use it with XDoclet2. XDoclet2 Ignore Plugin site xdoclet-plugin-ignore-testProject used to test the plugin behavior. XDoclet2 Ignore Plugin Test Maven site Usage


EJBDoclet is a JavaDoc plugin (Doclet) that generates EJB related source files from an EJB bean source file that has been JavaDoc commented by using special EJBDoclet tags. EJBDoclet has retired, http://sourceforge.net/projects/xdoclet is the substitute.

Japis - JAPIS projects root and common configurations

IntroductionIntroductionModulesjapisjapis-javajapis-java-configProjects This is an administration project. It aggregates modules that pre-configure most complexities for all JAPIS projects. Each module is independent and has its own Mercurial repository. ModulesjapisRoot for all JAPIS projects with the most basic configurations. This project must not depend on any other JAPIS project. Includes environment configurations and reporting for projects without source code. JAPIS Maven site japis-javaR

AS3Generator - A XDoclet2 plugin to generate AS3 from Java classes

A XDoclet2 plugin to generate AS3 from Java classes

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