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XDoclet is an extended Javadoc Doclet engine. It's a generic Java tool that lets you create custom Javadoc @tags and based on those @tags generate source code or other files (such as xml-ish deployment descriptors) using a template engine it provides.




Related Projects

XDoclet Plugins

Plugins for XDoclet 2 (http://xdoclet.codehaus.org/). This project is not technically related to the XDoclet 1.x (http://xdoclet.sourceforge.net/).

Eclipse Javadoc Builder

The javadoc builder is an eclipse plugin to integrate xdoclet-style functionallity into eclipse IDE. The javadoc builder is extemly faster than XD+ant/maven and is totally integrated into the IDE making it easy to use and deploy your own generators.

Xdoclet-plugin-ignore - Remove XDoclet2 "unknown tag" warnings

IntroductionIntroductionModulesxdoclet-plugin-ignorexdoclet-plugin-ignore-testUsage Remove XDoclet2 "unknown tag" warnings. Tags that are not standard Javadoc tags and that are not recognized by other plugins will be ignored. You may see a summary of unknown tags or no warnings at all. Modulesxdoclet-plugin-ignorePlugin implementation. Use it with XDoclet2. XDoclet2 Ignore Plugin site xdoclet-plugin-ignore-testProject used to test the plugin behavior. XDoclet2 Ignore Plugin Test Maven site Usage

Phpannotations - PHP library providing annotations support

Modern programming languages like C# and Java 1.5 Tiger introduced us new very convenient feature called annotations. Though it’s rather a new innovation, many Java users are using it for a long time already (for auto-generating source code, configuration files for different frameworks e.t.c). Here I mean rather the ideology then the implementation. Take a look at xDoclet. This library provides you with similar features like xDoclet does - all annotations are stored in PHPDoc tags and accessib

H8a8 - Hibernate Annotator (H8A8)

H8A8 is intended as an alternative to XDoclet for Hibernate for those working with Hibernate 3 under Java 5. H8A8 is an alternative to the Hibernate Annotations project. The Hibernate Annotations project uses annotations from the EJB3 specification and doesn't currently (summer 2005) allow the use of all hibernate features. H8A8 instead makes available nearly all the mapping options currently available in Hibernate's xml mapping format as Java 5 annotations. Moving to H8A8 from hand-written mapp

XDoclet for WebSphere 5.1

Fork on original XDoclet Tags to include WebSphere DDescriptor for EJB Session amp; CMP for Websphere 5.1


The purpose of this application is to show how to use xDoclet (v1.2b1+) and Ant to build quickly WODRA (Write Once, Deploy and Run Anywhere) J2EE (v1.3+) applications. This article will also show how xDoclet drastically simplifies the developement of J2EE

Vannitator - Annotation Based Code Generator

This Project is like the XDoclet of old. It utilises Java Annotations: Annotate a Java Class --> Generates a Java File (or some other artefact). It utilises Freemarker as the template. The annotation used "collects" information about your annotated class and this information is provided to Freemarker as a "Code Model". It started as an idea I had when working GWT. The very first "as shipped" annotation is a pair for GWT 2 @GenProxy and @GenRequest which will generate the relevant Domain object p


ONess comprises a set of reusable business components and a sample of technology integration: Spring, Hibernate, Struts, XDoclet, AspectJ and Maven, completely modular, thoroughly tested


Is a web-based software for schools and colleges. This is a software write in Java with hibernate, xdoclet, webwork and other open source also is make with Extreme Programming software development process.