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XDG-Menu is a ROX panel applet that displays applications menu button. Menu is builds to fit the XDG Menu Specification published by freedesktop.org.




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VFolders Menu Generator. Generates window manager menu (icewm, blackbox, fluxbox, window maker, xfce4, aewm, afterstep, fvwm2, olvwm, qvwm, enlightenment, xpde, fbpanel, openbox) from desktop files conforming the freedesktop.org (XDG) menu specification.

fluxbox-xdg-menu is a python based menu generator using Freedesktop.org standards for menu generatio

fluxbox-xdg-menu is a python based menu generator used to create a menu for the fluxbox window manager using freedesktop.org standards.

Marchobmenu - An Openbox menu system

The project is now hosted on githubPlease go to http://github.com/ju1ius/marchobmenu for updates and bug reports ! Marchobmenu is an automated XDG Menu system for Openbox. Marchobmenu monitors for newly installed/removed applications, and maintains a pipemenu, listing and categorizing them like the Gnome/Xfce/Lxde menu. The package installs a menu file "/etc/xdg/menus/mom-applications.menu", which allows you to configure the menu as you see fit. For infos about editing the menu file, see: http:/

Rmv - RMV - A XDGed ReMoVe command for modern, average desktop LINUX/UNIX users.

RMV /remove/ Usage: rmv [OPTIONS...] [FILE...] or rmv OPTION Move FILEs into the freedesktop.org-standard 'Desktop Trash' basket rather than permanently remove it. This simple BASH script allows you to use the basic functionalities of a 'trash basket' in the commandline. RMV can be considered as one implementation to the Desktop Trash Spec(Freedesktop.org - a.k.a XDG), and of course, co-works well with the common GUI file managers like Nautilus, Thunar, Konqueror, etc(literally ANY file managers

Feedindicator - RSS feed updates in the indicator area (Ubuntu Linux)

Feedindicator - RSS feed updates in the indicator areaIMPORTANT: New release 3rd Jun 2011. Fix for submenu browser opening problems. Changelog:Version 1.03 - 20110603Fixes issue where many browser tabs would open when looking through feed submenus Version 1.02 - 20110225Shows error message in menu when a feed cannot be loaded (Failed: URL) Autostart delayed by 5 seconds to stop load failure Works around bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-application/+bug/526499 Note: You ne

Tuntun - ...a Gnome applet gui for OpenVPN

Tuntun is an applet for Gnome panel written in Vala and it can manage a list of vpn connections through the OpenVPN Management Interface. It's a rewrite and a replacement of my ovpnClient and it implements some items that were on ovpnClient todo list. Main featuresSimple & lightweight just a client GUI to start/stop your OpenVPN tunnels and nothing more Integrated with the Gnome Desktop (support for the Keyring and notification daemon) Support for Auth and Private-Key OpenVPN authentication meth

Chmsee - HTML Help viewer for Unix/Linux

Intro ChmSee is an HTML Help viewer for Unix/Linux. It is based on CHMLIB and use GTK+ as its frontend toolkit. Because of using gecko HTML rendering engine, ChmSee can support rich features of modern HTML page, specially CSS. News2012-04-28: Compatible with xulrunner 12.0. 2012-04-03: Tag v1.99.09 and support xulrunner 11.0. 2012-02-19: Make chmsee compatible with xulrunner 10.0. 2012-01-01: Merge Yuan Yijun's patch for xulrunner 9.0 and tag v1.99.07. 2011-11-20: Update chmsee to v1.99.06, you

axm - awesome xdg menu - [WIP]

awesome xdg menu - [WIP]

fluxbox-chinfo-menu - Menu generator for Fluxbox based on XDG.

Menu generator for Fluxbox based on XDG.