xdf - The Exquisite `df'

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xdf ( exquisite df ) - a souped-up version of df(1), offering flexible field, units, and filesystem type selection and a choice of output layouts and formats, that runs on Unix, Linux, BSD, and Cygwin.




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Mindway is now a powful platform of browser,programed calcuatingamp;extracting tool,simple editor.you can create a professional text based guide format(xdf) easily, and then everyone could know whatamp;how to do next clearly.See also http://www.qvandi.com

Pytombo - Python library for Tombo plain text and encrypted notes

A pure Python library and tools for accessing Tombo http://tombo.sourceforge.jp/En/ notes in either plain text or encrypted (.chi files). See PyTomboBackground for more information. In progress project GtkTombo. Tool exampleCommand line example (there is a mini web based search too), a grep-like search tool for searching plain and encrypted notes. Plain text search only: # tombogrep.py -i stork aesop12.txt:Stork that soon set to work gobbling them all up. Then the FrogsSearch plain and encrypted

Django-torrent-tracker - django torrent tracker

torrent tracker, which uses memcache library for storing peers bugs: * parser of search queries, say, not perfect* multilanguage search does not workrequirements * python-beautifulsoup tested with 3.0.4* cmemcache tested with 0.91* python-imaging tested with 1.16* django-tagging: http://code.google.com/p/django-tagging/* kaa.metadata: svn://svn.freevo.org/kaa/trunk (seems it is working only with python 2.4 at the moment)optional * solr, if you want search engineincomplete features * uploading vi

dasm3 is an 8086 disassembler in python

transistorski@gmail.com Featuressimple python code (ca. 400 lines) comes with its own .EXE loader, can handle segments disassembly output is like DEBUG.EXE's, but can be adapted to other disassembly formats easily Limitations, requirementsdasm3.py is Unix-chauvinistic in that the shell scripts for testing are made for Unix; actual disassembly should work on Microsoft Windows, too for completely duplicating the tests on Unix, you need DOSBOX (http://dosbox.com) or a similar emulator for running D