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.Tools for developer , Support VS.NET , VB6.0 or others, Future: 1.Source code line count . 2.Add or remove comment batch. 3.Copy source file clearly. ......




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xylib - library for reading x-y data

xylib is a portable library for reading x-y data from powder diffraction, spectroscopy and other experimental methods. Supported formats: VAMAS, pdCIF, Bruker, Philips, Rigaku DAT, Sietronics CPI, DBWS/DMPLOT, Koalariet XDD and others.

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Traditional-chinese-typing-trainer - A tryout project of Traditional Chinese Type Trainer with multi

A tryout for a Traditional Chinese Type Trainer .We wanna develop with QT 4 and hoping that one source code can be minimal modified running on both Wintel / Mac OS X platform. For right now it is just a studied tryout, all suggestion or help is welcome. 這是一個嘗試使用QT4來�到多平�支�的中文輸入練習程�實驗計畫。希望能在最�的差異修正下�到一套原始碼�時支�多個平�的目標。 Tools/Examaker , like it's name , is an Application to make

Ics451-vsp-protocol - Implements a form of reliable protocol on top of UDP

Our own reliable network protocol: VSP (Very Sketchy Protocol or Very Simple Protocol) This is our first foray into writing a reliable networking protocol that will run on top of UDP. VSP (Very Sketchy Protocol) Design DescriptionMembers: Robert Kim, Kevin Leong, Jason Shar Language: POSIX C Description: The VSP Protocol is a reliable protocol that runs on top of UDP. VSP (Very Sketchy Protocol) Design DescriptionFEATURESMESSAGESDYNAMIC BEHAVIORDATA STRUCTURESCOMMAND LINE INTERFACEFILENAME CONVE

Ics451-p2p-oreos - ICS451 P2P Project

Table of Contents1.0 Project Objectives2.0 Overview3.0 Peer-to-peer Protocol3.1 Encodings3.2 Messages3.3 Example messages:4.0 Data Structures5.0 Dynamic Behavior5.1 Initialization5.2 Receiving a Data Message5.3 Receiving a Request Message5.4 Sending a Request Message5.5 Receiving a Try Message5.6 Receiving a Listing Message5.7 Sending Listing Messages5.8 Timeouts6.0 Command Line7.0 User Queries8.0 Concurrency Computer Networks Project 2 -- Peer-to-peer Networking 1.0 Project Objectiveso learn mo

xsd2cpp - generate cpp code from xdd

generate cpp code from xdd


xDD is for cleaning disks


xDD test lab


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