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xd performs eXtra fast Directory changes, allowing you to say `xd ulb' rather than `cd /usr/local/bin'. Originally designed in the early 90s it is now used by many to perform fast `cd's




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Dee0xd - Crossplatform tiny build tool for DigitalMars D programming language

DEPRECATEDThis project is deprecated in favor of mighty team0xf's xfBuild: http://bitbucket.org/h3r3tic/xfbuild/wiki/Home --- Dee0xD ("dioxide") is a crossplatform console build tool for fast building of DigitalMars D libs & executables. Launch from console wiht "help" to get description. latest stable revision: 42 --- Диок�ид - кро��-платформенна� утилита коммандной �троки дл� молниено�ной �борки библиотек и прог

Liquid-cdteam - Community Dev Team

CDTeam FroYoMetal V2.75 from Metal dumpBuilt on the Metal dump from paugustineHi everyone! Since the Acer Liquid Metal dump have been released by paugustine (A BIG BIG THANK TO YOU XD) CDTeam made a Metal-based ROM in a very short time. Here the most important features : # Dolby Mobile (still working on it) # New camera app,with better photo & video quality # Breeze Launcher still the same,but faster than the leak's one # Updated apps # Improved speed even with Acer UI # Rooted and Busyboxed # D

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ti53 home en html5, css3 y javascript (Una cosa moderneja XD)


Tag-based meta filesystem with metadata stored in a database.