XcUBE - XUL Unified Build Environment

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XcUBE is the definitive IDE for XUL. Built over Mozilla in XUL and JavaScript




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X-cube - An Ajax library to easily turn your links into Ajax requests.

X-CubeX-Cube is a powerful, Ajax-driven, Javascript library that easily turns the links in your page into Ajax requests. All you have to do is to include X-Cube's Javascript file in your HTML document, and then set the attribute rel="async" on the links you want to turn. After that, relax: let X-Cube do the hard work for you. This unobstrusive library will replace the links you selected by Ajax requests, making the whole thing asynchronous. Feel free to download, test and use it in your own proj


XCube is a basic command line interface, with support for files, user accounts(only in the GUI), and variables(only in DevMode). It is developed in C#, using the Cosmos Kernel, which was heavily modified by me to suit my needs.