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configure XF86Config and xorg.conf from the command line




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Leopard-8021xconfig - AppleScript Studio App for OS X Leopard users to config 802.1X access (non-adm

Mac OS X Leopard has the ability to connect to a WPA/802.1X managed Wireless network, but you have to be an admin user to do it, which in any managed environment like education (and let's face it, if you have 802.1X you're probably in a managed environment) is a huge hassle. This AppleScript Studio application allows a non-admin user to fairly easily configure these settings so their computer will auto-connect to the 802.1X network. Docs are included, and there is still room for improvement so w

xconfig - xmonad config

xmonad config

Xconfigs - My Xserver settings

My Xserver settings


I will store some configs here


My X and XMonad configurations

nvidia-xconfig - NVIDIA xorg.conf configurator

NVIDIA xorg.conf configurator

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