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XConf: XML amp; properties file processing tool - command line and ant task available. Uses a simple and compact method of specifying elements that need to be processed, and what to do to them. Created for developers and system administrators.




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Maven-config-processor-plugin - Configuration Processor Plugin for Maven

This is a Maven2 plugin and Ant Task to process configuration files using a set of rules and generate modified files. It is useful when you need to generate different files for heterogeneous environments and don't want to keep a copy for each one. This plugin aims to do the same things that XConf does but it is fully integrated with Maven and utilizes standard technologies like XPath. Supported FeaturesAdd, remove, modify, comment and uncomment single values of .properties files keeping comments

Xbasetools - Library for .NET and Java that has a configuration reader/writer, platform-independent

IntroductionXBaseTools is a library that is written in C# (XBaseTools.NET) and mirrored in Java (XBaseTools.JAR, it also uses Java naming conventions). There is documentation for both versions of XBaseTools. VersionThe latest version is 10.10.15 Software using the library Oblivon Mod Manager Extended XBaseTools.JARMimicks the XBaseTools.NET API except that it uses standard Java names (ie. ensureProgram vs. EnsureProgram). Occasionally it will lag behind the .NET version. FeaturesAllows you to re


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xconf - A website to vote on and browse talks in a conference

A website to vote on and browse talks in a conference

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