Xitnalta Content Management System

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xcms was intended to be a powerful (Web) Content Management System. This is now a dead project. -- Felix




Related Projects

X-cms10 - X-CMS is a fast, lightweight and user-friendly web content management system.

X-CMS is a fast, lightweight and user-friendly web content management system designed for beginners (due to it's simplicity and user-friendliness) aiming to help them create a dynamic, professional and semantically valid website.

Xcms-system - Xcms内容管�系统


Xcms-pilot - eXternal Content Management System

The CMS which allows you to manage website content without any need to change website code/structure. Unlike other Content Management Systems this one doesn't require you to change your site it you want to use it. Just install it, and you'll have the ability to change any visible element of the site. The name eXternal means that the system manages website content externally, no integration is needed. Still in development, approximated release date is September 2009.

Xcms-lite - Content Management System Experimentation

This is an XML driven Content Management System.

Qalm - Quantitive Analysis of LS - MS/MS data

QALM (pronounced "calm") is a prototype/proof of concept application that automates analysis-processes for data from LC-MS/MS-experiments (Liquid Chromatography, followed by two levels of Mass Spectrometry). Peptide and protein-data are analysed using the XCMS package for the statistical environment R, then exported to be used in a Mascot-search. The result may be re-imported, and various reports generated.

xcms - Development for the Bioconductor xcms project

Development for the Bioconductor xcms project