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A UNIX/X11 circuit drawing application with schematic capture. Features user-definable parts libraries and fully hierarchical SPICE netlist generation.




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Rotary clock layout tools

a set of free tools and software aimed at design automation. SPICE ( NG-spice )MAGIC XCIRCUIT Main aim - to automate the layout of clock distribution on a chip, using rotary clock oscilation.

Xcircuit-qt - A Qt/C++ port of XCircuit, a program for schematic capture and drawing

XCircuit is a schematic capture and drawing program that has (arguably somewhat hidden) productivity-boosting features. The user interface allows quick navigation of the document hierarchy, including in-place editing of library parts. The parameter system lets you save on typing and associated mistakes. The file format is a template-based PostScript, allowing instant preview. XCircuit was written in C, originally for Xlib/Xt. More recent features use the embedded Tcl interpreter and Tk toolkit f