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xChess is a multiplatform graphical chess user interface written in Java for numerous chess engines. It intends to support multiple chess protocols to serve as a front end for many existent chess engines.




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Android-tabletop - Application for playing tabletop games on Android phones

NewsAfter completing prototype for ADC, I took some time to review architecture, study similar projects, etc. As a result, I changed a lot of things. In fact, only most basic code and architecture remained, everything else has changed. So, It will take some time before project will be back in a "playable" state. I'll update source, code, description etc. then. ConceptThis is a graphical interface for playing tabletop and tabletop-alike games. It is a lot like XChess or XBoard. But it is not limi

Chessnuts - An online virtual chess table. Play any chess variation you like across the internet.

IntroductionThe goal of this program is to provide an intuitive virtual chess table for friendly play across the internet. No rules will be hard-coded, so you can play any variations you please. Obviously this is not for tournaments. Just like a real chess board, if your opponent goes to the bathroom you can move all his pieces around and run down his clock. Currently I have no plans to simulate the nervous "Oh good, you're back. Shall we continue?" upon your opponent's return. Chessnuts is fair

XChessClient - Android chess client that works with XChess (www.Xchess.co.uk) as its backend

Android chess client that works with XChess (www.Xchess.co.uk) as its backend


3D desktop chess

xChess - Cross platform chess application

Cross platform chess application