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xcart is a native XOOPS cart module upon XOOPS architecture providing state-of-the-art online-shopping features.




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X-cart-seo - SEO Modification for X-Cart 4.x Series

XC SEO v1.4.0 has been released!PHP Site Solutions is proud to announce the release of XC SEO version 1.4.0. This release has some important bug fixes, support for ISAPI & Zeus webservers, support for X-Cart 4.0 and 4.1, updated documentation, and much easier support for migrating from CDSEO! Documentation has been updated, thread and archive of files can be accessed using links to the right. XC SEO was created and is maintained by Jon Langevin, also known as intel352. Contact me at support <at>

Supercart-open-source - SuperCart整�或开�的开�代�


xcart - xcart skin

xcart skin

Xcart - XCart Integration Library

XCart Integration Library


X-cart shopping cart

xcart-mojopay-final - xcart mojopay payment processor extension

xcart mojopay payment processor extension

ModuleExampleSkin - The example of the skin module in X-Cart Next

The example of the skin module in X-Cart Next

xcartgold-plugin - Plugin for connecting X-Cart Gold with Bitpay.com

1. Copy these files into your xcart/ directory (e.g. ~/www/xcart/ or ~/www/). They will not overwrite any existing files. 2. Run modules/Bitpay/install.sql on your Xcart database (e.g. "mysql -u [user] -p [xcartdb] < install.sql OR copy the contents into phpMyAdmin).