Jeto Platform

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Jeto is a flexible, advanced platform and operating system based on the ECMA CLI standard (ECMA-335). It strives to incorporate new ideas and concepts.



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Excalibur-cms - eXcalibur — Open Social CMS

eXcalibur — �то открыта� �оциально ориентированна� �и�тема управлени� �айтом.

Bullseye-ms - Software that uses high resolution precursor information to perform narrow database se

Bullseye takes high resolution accurate masses obtained from FTICR mass spectra and matches these masses to tandem MS scan events. The MS/MS spectra can then be database searched with a narrow precursor ion mass to reduce database search space and improve peptide sequence identification.

Raxport - Export Thermo RAW files to FT1, FT2, MS1, and MS2 files

Convert Thermo Finigan RAW files to FT1, FT2, MS1, and MS2 files Instructions: 0. Please run the program under Windows XP. We have not tested the program under Vista or Win7 1. Install Xcalibur v2.1. Raxport won't work with previous versions of Xcalibur. 2. Download both Raxport.exe and Interop.XCALIBURFILESLib.dll and save them into the same directory. If you store both files under C:\\WINDOWS, you can call Raxport from any directory without specifying the absolute path of Raxport.exe. 3. Open

Xcalibur-Rawfile - Release history of Xcalibur-Rawfile

Release history of Xcalibur-Rawfile