Extended BitTorrent Client and Tracker

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Extended BitTorrent Client and Tracker. High-performance software for this peer to peer file distribution protocol. A Windows client written in C++. A tracker written in C++, using MySQL as secondary storage.




Related Projects

Project-bloodhound - A Python tracker to replace XBTT on gazelle-sites

A python-coded tracker built to drop-in replace XBTT on gazelle-frontend bittorrent trackers. Future plans include making Project Bloodhound a standalone tracker. Currently made unavailable.


Here I collect my XBTT modules, like start/stop script, install-script, ADD-ONS and XBTT Unofficial Sources.

Torrentpier - TorrentPier II - Torrent Tracker based on rutracker.org

TorrentPier II - Torrent Tracker based on rutracker.orgNeeds PHP 5.3 or higher Supports databasesDrizzle7 MySQL => 5.2 and higher Percona MariaDB 5.2 and higher Search Engine(WHERE ... LIKE ...) Sphinx Search PHP modules requiredMySQL (needed) pcre (needed) gd (needed) iconv (needed) json (recommended) mbstring (needed) session (needed) zlib (not recommended, needs compress on Apache, ngix etc... backend) Cache methodsAPC (Advanced PHP Cache) MemCached XCache eAccelerator SQLite

Torrentpier2 - TorrentPier II

TorrentPier II - движок торрент-трекера, � форумом, аналогичный движку rutracker.orgВозможно�тиПоддержка не�кольких методов кешировани� Поддержка различных форматов БД У�тойчиво�ть к вы�оким нагрузкам Выбор типа анон�ера (php либо xbt) В�троенный пои�к (mysql, sphinx) Широкие возможно�ти дл�

Phpbbtt - phpBBTT - phpBB Torrent Tracker

The free version of this mod is no longer offered. However I'm offering a paid version.Info - http://yakkee.com/?page_id=16 phpBBTT - phpBB Torrent TrackerphpBBTT will integrate phpBB3 & XBTT thereby allowing you to run a full fledged Bittorrent private tracker. Features: Seeders, Leechers, Completed, Torrent size, Filelist & Peerlist in viewtopic. Peerlist page shows the details of the peers of a particular torrent. The files inside the torrent is also shown in this page. User’s Upload, Downl

Gazellewhatcd - Gazelle source code RC2 (non-official mirror)

The Gazelle source code is publicly available to anyone who wishes to use it, under an in-house modified derivative of the GPL. If you find a bug, please report it to a What.CD sysop in #gazelle on irc.what-network.net. The same channel can be used for asking questions and chatting about the codebase. Requirements Webserver - apache2, nginx, or lighttpd PHP 5.3.0 or greater MYSQL 5.0 or greater Memcached Sphinx Knowledge of your operating system. (Recommended Linux or BSD)

Barzog-gentoo-overlay - some ebuilds for gentoo that we regularly use

There's times when Gentoo devs does not react in timely manner or does not react at all and there is no way to convience them. But we need new ebuilds, functions and stuff. Therefore here I will be make my ebuilds. When proposed changes will be accepted by devs this overlay will be ceased. To start using my overlayInstall layman if you doesn't have it yet: # emerge laymanAdd my overlay list to /etc/layman/layman.cfg, it should looks this way: overlays : http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/overlays/rep


This is a fork of the popular bittorrent tracker XBTT to use the ParselTrack specification for Tracker

XBTT - XB Torrent Tracker

XB Torrent Tracker


XBT Tracker fork for eNoise Project