XBMC Skinning Project

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XBMC Skinning Project is a side-project for hosting open source skins and skinning tools for XBMC Media Center. Any skin author/developer may apply to join to get write access to this projects CVS/SVN/GIT, tracking tools, file publishing, and more.




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Xot-uzg - XOT: XBMC Online TV Framework

XOT-UZGFormerly known as Uitzendinggemist.v2 Framework for Online TV for XBMC. Parses website with online streams. Visit the recent changelog here! Announcements20110904: More news can be found on the XOT page Quick LinksList of supported channels Frequently Asked Questions Installation Instructions Downloads Changelog Troubleshooting Guide Also Project Home of:Uitzendinggemist.v2 Pathe.NL

Xbmc-scripting - Various scripts co-developed by members of the freenode #xbmc-scripting channel.

A collection of python scripts for XBMC. This is the home to such scripts as Apple Movie Trailers, Youtube, Xinbox, xStocks, Accuweather and Tetris just to name a few. If you have made a script that you would like to commit to this svn contact one of the Project Admins. The offical channel for this project is #xbmc-scripting on Freenode network. Its for code support only, not support how to get a script to work.

Xbmc-addons - Addon scripts, plugins and skins for XBMC Media Center

Addon scripts, plugins, and skins for XBMC Media Center. THIS IS A REPOSITORY FOR ALL OPEN SOURCE SCRIPTS, PLUGINS, AND SKINS FOR XBMC. If you have made a plugin or script that you would like to commit to this SVN then please contact one of the project administrators. The creators of these addons do not host any of the online video, audio, and photo files that some of the addons link to stored on third-party websites, nor do they upload such files themselves. They are not responsible for what ot

Xbmciphone - Xbox Media Center remote control for the iPhone

This project aims to provide an easy to use yet powerful remote control for Xbox Media Center using Apple's iPhone. Xbox Media Center is an open source application that can be run on a modified Xbox to play audio, video, DVDs, photo slideshows, and other media. iPhone's web browser (based on WebKit) can display full interactive webpages, and Xbox Media Center (XBMC) contains a simple web server that can store web page and react to various commands like pause, play, volume control and many more.

Xbmc-1055-skin - A skin for the XBMC project

A skin for the XBMC project currently in the prototyping/mockup phases

Xbmcworld - Collection of XBMC plugins for the dutch XBMC World release

Location for the XBMC World team to host the plugins, skins and scripts for the XBMCWorld XBMC release.

Xbmc-xii - Wii skin for Xbox Media Center

Xbox Media Center supports an advanced skinning engine for custom looks and feel. This skin aims to bring the Wii interface to the Xbox and give users another option to change the way xbmc looks.