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Xbot is a windows, linux and mac os x irc bot that is made to work and function like supybot. the only difference is easier install.




Related Projects


Bot for Counter-Strike (Half-life modification) using multiagent systems for enhanced AI.

Xrobotics-ros-pkg - XRobotics Repository for ROS Nodes

XRobotics Repository for ROS Nodes Ideally we need to develop a ROS Stack to handle all aspects of XBot software

Xbotrs - XBot is a RuneScape Macro.

XBot is a RuneScape Macro.

Xbot2003 - X-Bot 2003

What is this?This program lets users easily create and deploy TCL-based IRC bots for the purposes of channel maintenance locally or remotely. IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONSTo compile, put the code in the repository in a directory structure resembling /project/x-bot - then place the code from the OTSTDLIB repository into a directory structure resembling /project/otstdlib (such that the path from x-bot to otstdlib is ../otstdlib) This project is considered complete, succeeded by the xbot4 project also hos

Ultrablog-vim - Ultimate Vim blogging plugin

This project has been moved to Github, please visit the following link to check the latest changes:https://github.com/xbot/UltraBlog.vim The biggest difference between UltraBlog and other Vim blogging scripts is that UltraBlog stores and manages posts in a local SQLite database. In this way, it does not only EDIT or SEND posts to blogs but also MANAGE them locally. So UltraBlog is an integrated blogging client more than just a blog editor. You will find UltraBlog very useful when you write posts

Xbot-mirc-services - An IRC Bot Created out of mIRC Scripts and custom Coding

This is an iRC Bot created in the MSL Programming language (mIRC Scripting Language). This is only the scripts side of the bot. if you need the actual program you must download mIRC from - http://mIRC.com