eXtendable Binary

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The XB is a universal file format (and a library) that tries to match the requirements of so called Binary XML and Efficient XML Interchange. The XB format allows fast and compact, yet still robust enough, serialization of trees of any arbitrary data.




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wxFlashGet is an open source download manager and Multi-network peer-to-peer(p2p) file-sharing client.support HTTP,FTP,BT and more protocols. It is multi-platform and builds on Windows(2k,XP), Linux and Mac OS X(binary still not available).

Qlipper - Lightweight and cross-platform clipboard history applet.

Lightweight and cross-platform clipboard history applet. This application is a part of QtDesktop project so you can download prebuilt binary packages from its repository. Since 2012/02/22 it uses cmake build system. See CmakeBuild for more info. Since 2012/01/19 there is a new implementation of qlipper - version 2.x. The original 1.x branch is kept in special git repository and tarballs are available to donwload here. I will not maintain this version anymore. All bug reports, patches and/or feat

Stimfit - A program for viewing and analyzing electrophysiological data

StimfitIntroductionStimfit is a free, fast and simple program for viewing and analyzing electrophysiological data. It's currently available for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. It features an embedded Python shell that allows you to extend the program functionality by using numerical libraries such as NumPy and SciPy. A standalone Python module for file i/o that doesn't depend on the graphical user interface is also available. Supported file typesRead/write: CFS binary data, HDF5 files, Axon tex