GBee - XBee Library for .NET

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An open source .NET Micro Framework API for the XBee family of radio modules.



Related Projects

Xbee-java-api - A Java API for XBee

A Java API for XBee. Implemented according to the "XBee®/XBee-PRO® DigiMeshTM 2.4 RF Modules" manual. Also provided is an application to configure XBee devices (see Screenshoots): The api is very simple to use, in this example the node identifier is printed to output: public class SimpleExample1 { public static void main(String[] args) throws XBeeOperationFailedException { XBee xbee = new XBeeFactory("/dev/ttyUSB0").newXBee(); System.out.println("Node identifier is \\"" + xbee.getNodeIdentifie

Python-xbee - Python tools for working with XBee radios

Tools include a library for working with XBee API mode serial data and an XBee serial command shell for interacting with XBee radios. E.g.: """Continuously read the serial port and process IO data received from a remote XBee."""from xbee import XBeeimport serialser = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyUSB0', 9600)xbee = XBee(ser)# Continuously read and print packetswhile True: try: response = xbee.wait_read_frame() print response except KeyboardInterrupt: break ser.close()Originally developed as a port of R

Pyxbee - A python interface for Digi's XBee wireless modems

pyxbee is an attempt to build a flexible, easy to use API for configuring, and controlling Digi's XBee wireless modems. The project has a few main goals. Provide a simple unified interface for communicating with many if not all of Digi's XBee modems. Take advantage of Digi's existing .mxi files to dynamically load command sets. Provide a simple way of storing and reloading XBee configurations. Provide a robust set of command line tools to aid in the setup and debugging of XBee networks. Provide

Xbee4cdc - A port of Andrew Rapp's xbee-api to Java CDC

This project is a port of Andrew Rapp's excellent xbee-api project. The project is a rewrite of some code in order to comply with the Java CDC run-time (essentially a downgrade to Java 1.4). xbee4cdc uses the log4j logging library. aJile Systems provides a CDC compatible version available here. Here is an image of an XBee Series 1 module attached to an aJile aJ200-MEK communicating with the same type of module attached to an XBee dev board.

T-connect-xbee-driver - A Java Driver for XBee devices

OverviewThis is a testing version of a Java XBee driver that use the Andrew Rapp API for communicate to an XBee device. It provides methods for send and receive msg, and save all parameters (like address,power level, operating channel and PAN id) in a node list in form of XML tags. From the list you can inspect all the nodes parameters on the network created by a Coordinator node. ExamplesConnect to an XBee Coordinator, get the node present on the network ad print all the nodes addresses: XBeeCo

Pyctu - Configuration & Test Utility for XBee

pyCTU is a Python based Configuration & Test Utility for XBee. It's a simple alternate tool of X-CTU

Sharpxbee - C# api for communication with XBee

This is an C# API for comunicating with XBee/XBee-Pro series 1 (802.15.4) and series 2 (ZNet 2.5 and ZB/ZigBee Pro) OEM RF Modules, in API mode. It is based on xbe-api java project.

Xbeeapi - Python and C libraries to interface with XBee in API mode

This project is a group of libraries to communicate with a network of XBee Series 2 devices using API mode. Computer side communication is done in Python, and a minimalist interface is provided in C to run on an embedded system (aimed at Atmel AVR in the beginning)

Zigbeemeshnetwork - Controlling an RC vehicle through a ZigBee mesh network.

Using XBee modules to create a mesh network and a handyboard to drive the vehicle, we are controlling an RC vehicle using this network.

Xbee-api - A Java API for Digi XBee/XBee-Pro OEM RF Modules

OverviewThis is a Java API for communication with XBee/XBee-Pro series 1 (802.15.4) and series 2 (ZNet 2.5 and ZB/ZigBee Pro) OEM RF Modules, in API mode. The objective of this project is to provide a flexible and simple to use API to interact with XBee radios. In terms of flexibility, the goal is to not constrain you to a particular implementation (e.g. GUI, Web App, Processing etc.), but instead let you decide how to use it. This software has been tested on Windows, Mac, and Linux and can run

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