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The project will create a series of APIs which can be used by developers on any platform using the Java programming language to store column and row base data in a data file. The database will feature indexing, searching and caching.




Related Projects


PgDBF is a program for converting XBase databases - particularly FoxPro tables with memo files - into a format that PostgreSQL can directly import.

xBaseJ - xBase Engine for Java

This is a Java based xBase engine to read write and update dbf files. Using the package's classes and methods programmers can process dBase III and IV files and some clones (e.g. Clipper/FoxPro) along with index and tag files and the individual fiel

SlackGrade - The Slackware Update Wizard

SlackGrade allows Slackware users to keep the system always up to date with the latest packages available in the most know Slackware sources on the web, by listing, downloading and upgrading its with just a few mouse clicks, through a nice X-based wizard

xHarbour Extended Harbour Compiler

xHarbour is a portable implementation of the xBase language (Compiler amp; complete Run-time libraries). It's practically 100% backward compatible with CA-Clipper 5.2e and 5.3c, and offers many modern language extensions, and extensive Run-time libraries.


These utilities expand collectl's capabilities. Colplot provides web- or X-based plotting, colmux multiplexes output from multiple machines into a single stream and colgui displays real-time graphics. See screen shots for more details.

Xbasetools - Library for .NET and Java that has a configuration reader/writer, platform-independent

IntroductionXBaseTools is a library that is written in C# (XBaseTools.NET) and mirrored in Java (XBaseTools.JAR, it also uses Java naming conventions). There is documentation for both versions of XBaseTools. VersionThe latest version is 10.10.15 Software using the library Oblivon Mod Manager Extended XBaseTools.JARMimicks the XBaseTools.NET API except that it uses standard Java names (ie. ensureProgram vs. EnsureProgram). Occasionally it will lag behind the .NET version. FeaturesAllows you to re

Xbase (formerly XDB) - Xbase compatible

Xbase (formerly known as xdb, also formerly known as xBase) is a collection of specifiations, programs, utilities and a C++ class library for manipulating Xbase type datafiles and indices.

Dotnetdbf - This is a basic file parser written in C# for reading and writing xBase DBF files, parti

This is a basic file parser for reading and writing xBase DBF files, particularly Clipper. For .net 4.0 projects there is an enumeration framework in which makes it easy to use Linq to Objects. Code derived from javadbf. Get The SourceLocated in the Mecurial Repository Get The BinariesUse NuGet from Visual Studio or get the Zip file from the Downloads section.

xbgtk - an xbase OO wrapper for GTK+

xbgtk - an xbase/Harbour/xHarbour object-oriented wrapper for using the GTK+ GUI.

iCE Breakers Log Monitor

Yet another x-based log monitor.