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A shell command (binary executable) allowing the manipulation of the extended attributes of a file. Extended attributes allow the arbitrary association of name:data (i.e., key-value) pairs with file system objects.




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Py-meta-monkey - A lightweight metadata manager for OS X

UnmaintainedI no longer use a mac, so I'm afraid I have no interest (or ability) to further develop py-meta-monkey. If you'd like to take over the reins, let me know. Aboutpy-meta-monkey began as a way to store and edit keywords, comments and ratings for my photos when I finally gave up on iPhoto, but it can be used on any file type. It integrates with QuickLook and the Finder to easily select, view and edit multiple files. How it worksAttributes are stored in the filesystem with the xattr libra

Jsparse - xml schema parser

Summarya tools(like dom4j)which parase the xml file with the schema. And give a detail error message is parse failure. a new data structure(domTree) which contain all of the xml elements/attribute and its rule come from the schema TODO List2008.9.10: Add lazy loading function Remove some parameters and method 2008.9.1 Add a new method to enable in FF3.0 browser - getElementsByTagName should refact this method!! modify the "getRuleBySimpleType" method in x-rule.js modify the "MultiNSSchemaParse"

Openmeta - OpenMeta is an OS X standard for adding tags, ratings, and other metadata to files.

OpenMeta is an OS X Cocoa Objective - C technology that allows any application to read and or write tags, ratings, etc to any file. It works with 10.5 and 10.6 The idea of the project is for commercial, open source and in house programs to be able to use OpenMeta for reading, writing and dealing with user defined meta data. The metadata is stored in extended attributes (xattr). Some of the metadata stored can be stored in such a way so as to trigger the Spotlight indexer to add the data to the S

Rox-musicbox - A Music Player for the ROX Desktop

FeaturesMP3, OGG, Flac, WAV support. ESD, Alsa, OSS support. Album Art display Drag and Drop adding of Songs, Directories of songs, and Playlists (m3u, pls and xml) Shuffle play (with cache so you don't replay songs too frequently). Seek control bar to zip to specific parts of any song. Volume Control Playlist filtering Translations: fr, it, es, pt_BR InstructionsExtract the MusicBox appdir and copy it to wherever you normally put ROX apps. Then launch it! Initially it assumes that you put all y

Uprojects - Micro projects

This is set of small projects - more then a file per each, but less then real projects. Subprojects: FaxSplit - split long fax tif image into A4 pieces. HRmgr - Recruiting sites aggregator. Maintain1S - tools to maintain 1C:Enterprise ITS - automatic updating 1C tunes and reports. Run1s - 1C databases dispatcher MkIndex - make index.html of directory. MX - MegaXren = mkindex + qxattr - context-dependent xattr editor and indexer. NSK - software to control NSK-200 controller. PostCat - output mail

Qtdesktop - Qt4-based desktop environment

The main goal of QtDesktop project is to get all usual applications, X-platform (Linuxnix/Windows) and Qt4-based. Tasksmake packages for all mainstream distros (now - Fedora, OpenSUSE, Mandriva, Debian) and Windows; testing of packages in target distros; work out unified "standards": what to use - qmake or cmake? unified %{name}.pro and/or CmakeList.txt; freedesktop.org-compatibility (/usr/share/applications/%{name}.desktop and /usr/share/pixmaps/%{name}.png); unified and freedesktop.org-compati

Pts-mini-gpl - Various small GPL programs written by pts

This repository is a collection of various small GPL programs written by pts: pobjects (source) (demo code in Hungarian) ptetris (source) (demo web page) rfsdelta (source) sqlite3-ruby-ffi (source) (demo C code) (demo Ruby code) jpgcmd (blog post) (TeX source of the simple solution) (TeX source of the versatile solution) javascript-multiplication (blog post) (source tree) geek-clock (blog post) (source tree) hama-mce-linux (blog post) (source tree) pts-tcc (blog post) (source tree) py-mini-s3: M

xattr - Use xattr to clear attributes from a file

Use xattr to clear attributes from a file

xattrtest - An xattr test utility

An xattr test utility

jxattr - Java JNI binding for user_xattr methods of sys/xattr.h

Java JNI binding for user_xattr methods of sys/xattr.h