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Real-time tracking amp; messaging of stations via radio/internet APRS data streams, w/125 map formats supported. Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris/MacOSX/Windows in any of 7 languages. Can also be used for mobile mapping w/GPS. MAILING LISTS ARE AT: PROJECT-gt;WEB SITE.




Related Projects

Netcheckin - Application to allow quick entry of known stations into APRS via Xastir

This application will allow you to create a database of known amateur radio station locations and place them into the APRS network with a click of the button using the Xastir APRS program (see xastir.org). The idea behind the application is simple: If you want to track a large group of fixed stations in APRS who do not have APRS positioning setup, this application will allow you to add their locations to Xastir easily, like when they check in to a net. By pre-populating the NetCheckIn database,

KB1OIQ - Andy's Ham Radio Linux DVD

Ubuntu Linux DVD remastered for Amateur Radio users

Saxigate - Small APRS I-Gate for Linux

saxIgate is a small APRS I-Gate for Linux. It reads APRS (AX25-UI) data from the kernel drivers (RF) and pushes it over a TCP/IP connection to an APRS-IS server of your choice. Since the kernel handles the hardware, you can use a TNC, Baycom, Soundcard, or anything the linux kernel supports to receive the data from the air. CHANGELOG: v0.1.7: Fixed a bug that would crash the app when a port was specified. Thx to OK1TEB for notifying me. Cleaned up code in main.c and distributed it over igate.c a

qtxastir - My work on a QT version of xastir.

My work on a QT version of xastir.