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Xaraya is an Open Source web application framework and content management solution written in PHP and licensed under the GNU General Public License. Xaraya is extensible, uses robust permissions, and multilingual systems to dynamically manage content.




Related Projects

Wyome-xaraya - OpenSource Releases for Xaraya by Wyome Development

A bundle of Xaraya add-ons, themes, modules, and development tools for Xaraya written by Wyome Development.

Sailfish-project - Rapid Application Development

The Sailfish-Project is a port of Xaraya to provide rapid application development. The project scales down the Xaraya code base to the important decisions to create stand-alone web applications.

Webucms - Open Source CMS built on top of the Xaraya framework

Webu CMS is a Content Management System built on the Xaraya framework. Wroted in PHP language with full XML templating solution and multiple database support. It's based on the Xaraya framework with minor modifications of the core and modules, with custom modules and custom templates aiming at making the Xaraya framework more usable for final users. The folks behind this CMS are the Webu Team

Xaraya Brasil

Provide an accurate, high-quality and complete translation of Xaraya CMS (www.xaraya.com) to the Brazilian Portuguese language. Other localization works and related tools are welcome too. Xaraya sounds like: http://www.xaraya.com/xcommon/media/xaraya.wav

Bbchen - This is my projects about development of CMS, CMF such as XARAYA

Some themes of Xaraya, chinese translation of xaraya, lunar calendar in julian module of xaraya

Xaraya-sharecontent - Xaraya's sharecontent module

Use the sharecontent module within xaraya to facilitate sharing of your content with web2.0 web sites. It also implements a "send item/article by email".