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xApps,an enterprise universal platform(BPM),facilitates non IT user to build IT solution flexibly by form desinger,workflow designer amp; report builder etc.(We moved this prject to a new place.



Related Projects

Onestonessoup-xapp - A Java Application Framework

An easy to use, quick to implement, stand-alone application frame work using xml configuration files and data model. The framework is self describing. This means that the framework can be built and modified using an application built using the framework. Wow I hope that was clear :) If you have found this project useful, please do donate to our continuing free and open development by visiting our donation page. A simple application built using XAPP A more complex application built using XAPP

Rpgengine-in-java - A flexible engine to show an example of a top-down classic rpg

RPGEngine in Java As the name suggests this is a simple engine I'm writing for games. It's supposed to be able to emulate the gameplay you find in The Legend of Zelda, or Pokemon games for the gameboy. Features: A simple tiled world Animated smooth walking NPCs can be spawned, though with no AI Global objects Animated objects, although only syncronized Fairly scaleable Y u no work? Well, that's an odd way to put it but generally (and obviously), you need some extra libraries to able to run this.


Novello is a specialised wordprocessor for novel writers based on the XAPP framework.

xapp-cd - XAPP Continuous Delivery

XAPP Continuous Delivery


Base classes and utils to build XApp-Studio extensions. Recommended for building any sort of extension for all platforms : XApp-Core-JS XApp-Studio-JS Quick-XApp-Studio-JS Stand-Alone apps or services

xappconnect - PHP IO Driver for XApp-Connect

PHP IO Driver for XApp-Connect


Middleware that fetches an xapp token from Artsy, stores it in locals, and expires it.