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A Perl based lightweight application controller framework which uses XML to store individual application's configuration, functionality, behaviour and messaging, and uses XSLT to transform XML data structures into vanilla web management interfaces




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Django-xapper - A Django app for serving Silverlight application packages (.xap files)

Xapper is a Django app to help facilitate the development of other Django apps that include Silverlight apps. In particular it is geared towards Silverlight apps implemented in IronPython or other dynamic CLR languages. Xapper serves a similar function as Chiron, which is now distributed with the IronPython Silverlight binaries. Both these apps can dynamically generate Silverlight packages (.xap files) from a directory of files and serve it over HTTP upon request. This means that all you need to

Xapper - A XOM Convenience Wrapper

This project aims to provide a convenience wrapper around the XOM API to easily generate XHTML fragments and query XHTML documents. It provides a builder type class called Html Element Wrapper that wraps a XOM element and allows you to build up document fragments that can then be used within XOM. The focus on XHTML means that your fragments are automatically put into the XHTML namespace and there are a few convenience methods in the builder to reflect common tasks when generating XHTML.

xapper - Xml to Ruby hash

Xml to Ruby hash