XML Application Objects for PHP

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XML Application Objects (XAO) is a class library/catalyst for developing standards based web applications. At this stage, the library is developed specifically to cater to PHP. Specifically, the DOM XML and XSLT extensions. In future, XAO will be ported.




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Currently, this project is in sketch-pad mode. Imagine being able to whip up a small web application by describing some business entities, setting their parameters (fields) and relations, seeing the automatically generated XML, then popping up an XSLT editor to apply the layout. Here are some ideas: The interface for this application is implemented using XUL as a firefox plugin The backend application is created using object oriented PHP. PHP scripts/classes extend and utilise XAO. Forms can be

Xaos - Code mirroring the Xaos website.

Code mirroring the Xaos website.