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xaml2emf, xaml2drawing, xaml2xps, xaml2png, etc - a library and command line tools for performing batch operations on Xaml files.




Related Projects

Q42.WinRT - Useful library for data driven Windows 8 C# / XAML WinRT projects

Useful library for data driven Windows 8 C# / XAML WinRT projects


Image vectorizer implemented in managed C#. It supports XAML and SVG output. This program will be useful for Silverlight and WPF developers and designers. You can edit result int the MS Blend(XAML) or in the Incscape(SVG).

blueprints-emf - EMF Binding for Blueprints (GraphDBs for EMF)

EMF Binding for Blueprints (GraphDBs for EMF)

emf-loophole - EMF Loophole helps you implement the generation gap pattern for EMF code generation

EMF Loophole helps you implement the generation gap pattern for EMF code generation

Xaml Code Behind Generator

Xaml Code Behind Generator makes it easier to generate Code Behind designer code from XAML, where code can be used at places where Xaml Services are not accessible.

Xaml Localization Tool

Xaml Localization Tool, a extension for vs2010. Help to generate .resx files from xaml. So you can use it in any application contain xaml, such as silverlight application, windows phone application and wpf application. Xaml?????, vs2010?????. ????????xaml??????????????,????...

XAML Formatter

XAML Formatter It beautifies the XAML.

Home-VS2008 - Home .NET Development Projects (VS2008)

Home .NET Development Projects (VS2008)

Xaml exporter for 3D Studio Max

3D modeling is hard to do directly in Xaml. This is a set of scripts to export your models from 3D Studio Max directly to Xaml and ready to use in your WPF projects.

XAML & SVG Path Compressor

Path Compressor is a simple tool for shortening XAML and SVG Vector Path Data, which helps to reduce the size of XAML and SVG documents containing many or long paths. Feed it some XAML/SVG or a string of Path Data and it will give you back a shortened version.

Xaml Physics

Xaml Physics makes it possible to make a physics simulation with only xaml code. It is a wrapper around the Farseer Physics Engine.

XAML Code Snippets addin for Visual Studio 2010

Provides support for adding XAML code snippets in the Visual Studio 2010 code editor for XAML in WPF and Silverlight projects.

Xaml Formatter for VS 2013

Xaml Formatter for VS 2013 is a fork of Xaml Markup Styler Visual Studio 2012 Extension repackaged for VS 2013 preview.

Xaml Markup Styler Visual Studio 2012 Extension

"XAML Styler" is a VS 2012 extension, which makes XAML beautify, format, reformat much easier by sorting the attributes based on their importance.

Bxf (Basic XAML Framework)

Basic Xaml Framework (Bxf) is a simple, streamlined set of UI components designed to demonstrate the minimum framework functionality required to make MVVM work well while leveraging the Visual Studio 2010 XAML designer ("Cider"). Bxf works with Silverlight, WPF and WP7.


A tool to convert Xaml to images. - It implements an MSBuild task that can be imported in any project to convert xaml to images in a project - It implements a HttpHandler that converts xaml to images on the fly.

Python enhanced metafile (.emf) bindings

Pure Python library for Enhanced Metafile (.emf) ECMA-234 compliant scalable graphics files. ECMA-234 is the published API for the Windows GDI, and .emf vector graphics files are natively supported by the OpenOffice suite of tools and in RTF files.

Groovy EMF Builder

The Groovy EMF Builder can be used to create EMF models using the Groovy builder syntax.

EMF-Generator - Lightweight EMF commandline generator

Lightweight EMF commandline generator