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XAL is a library of functions for accessing an X10 network. Both sensing and control interfaces are provided. Programs written with XAL will work with all supported controllers.




Related Projects

Open XAL

Open XAL is an open source development environment used for creating accelerator physics applications, scripts and services. This project is a collaboration among SNS, CSNS, ESS, GANIL, TRIUMF and FRIB.


PyX10 provides a set of modules for controlling X10 home automation devices from within Python applications. Currently PyX10 wraps the XAL library which can be found at http://xal.sourceforge.net .

Python X10 Abstraction Layer

Pyxal is a 100% pure Python X10 Abstraction Layer. It offers a device independent interface to numerous X10 Controllers. New controllers are easily added. Pyxal is similar, but not directly related, to PyX10 amp; XAL.

Gogeocode - A simple PHP geocoder with interfaces for both the Google and Yahoo geocoding APIs

IntroductionGoGeocode is a small set of PHP classes that were developed to simplify the process of geocoding data using both the Google and Yahoo geocoding services. While it's true that many PHP based geocoding classes exist, very few make use of the extensive data returned by the geocoding services. In many cases only the latitude and longitude coordinates are returned GoGeocode is designed to geocode a given location while preserving as much of the returned data as possible, and providing it

xal - eXecution Abstraction Layer to create high-level system scripts in Python (experimental)

eXecution Abstraction Layer to create high-level system scripts in Python (experimental)