xajax PHP and Javascript library

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xajax is an open source PHP and Javascript library that allows you to easily create powerful Ajax enabled web applications using PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Update web page content asynchronously with simple Javascript calls to access your PHP cod




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Xajaxbook - php+mysql+xajax guestbook

the xajaxbook is a guestbook by php+mysql+xajax!

Dypax - A use case of xajax: a dynamic ajax page with configurable actions in a xml file

In order to build a dypax page that has ajax clickable items with configurable actions in a xml file: xajax (i.e. javascript) calls : add/remove/append/clear DOM elements using id xajax (i.e. javascript) calls : script/call/alert/redirect and user-defined actions (php and javascript) speciality: all those actions can be easily combined together, so clicking on one item can do any thing to the page except magic ;-) \t One can use dypax with xajax (http://xajaxproject.org/). See THE example.

Bwt - Website template for simple but very easy maintainable websites

This template gives a structure to create websites. It integrates other modules like tinyMCE, xajax and KFM Filemanager to be able to maintain and control a website complete online.

Lazybox - LazyBox: a lightweight web application framework.

Lazybox is a lightweight web application framework that uses xml to define the components (textbox, label, imagebox, etc) and his events to build the user interface. Is strictly designed under the KISS (keep it simple stupid) philosophy using php, javascript, xajax, beahviour. The generated document intends to be strict XHTML 1.1 with the CSS styles and the events isolated from the tags.

Plea - PHP lightweight framework that emulates asp.net behavior

PLEA consists of a set of base classes and compilers designed to allow developers to build php code that emulates some of asp.net behaviors. The main desired features are - Markup pages+codebehind - Master pages - Server-side controls · User-defined controls · A set of predefined server tags (inputs, buttons) - Postback mechanism - Integration with xajax library Other important features such as web service publication and consumption, and a unified data access layer are better provided by exis

Azopen - Open Web 2.0 OS Project & Open Integrated Intranet Commander

Web 2.0 (AJAX) web-application written on PHP uses XAJAX modules. The idea of this project - create "browser operation system" (Web 2.0 OS) or somthing looked like it and try to create most of modern os applications like: notepad, mailer, office, chat. This project is a good platform for a internet shops, forums, blogs ets. I try to make "look and work" application with "help inside" feature. The brunch of this project is Integrated Intranet Commander. It has the simple GUI like in most file man


XajaxGrid is a cross-browser JavaScript grid control that represents data in a sortable DHTML table. This component allows you to design quicky user interface by organizing your data into configurable dynamic grid, buffering and dynamical loading.

Cefiro - Dynamic web framework project

Standing over smarty template library and a very deep modification of Xajax library, we have in-house developed this library with the purpose of automatizing the programming workflow used to build web projects. This library was initially thought to speed up the develop of a particular project for the petroleum industry in Venezuela, and later generalized for any kind of web application. There are two very strong sides to this project, the first one consists of a dynamic web engine named Zajax wh

Ajaxwebpy - ajaxWeb.py is a framework for generating ajax with web.py

ajaxweb.py is a framework for the library web.py. It which makes it very easy to make sites interactive using AJAX technology. All the javascript is laid out on beforehand, so the user can make his or her site interactive only using Python. ajaxweb.py makes a layer between the normal web.py classes and web.py's call to those classes. It routes the calls which it knows is ajax calls to those functions which it specified, and the normal calls to the get() and post() methods as web.py usually does.