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Streamlined XQuery/XML database API for Java.




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Xaj-language - Compiler Project of XAJ Language

This site contains the source code for the XAJ Language Compiler. XAJ is an extension of the AspectJ language which allows an easy extension of its own concrete syntax. XAJ can be used to create domain-specific aspect-oriented languages embedded into AspectJ and to test new extensions for the language.

Quicksort - Quick sort for array

Program QS;const  n=5;var  a:array[1..n] of longint;  w,p:longint;procedure init;var  i:longint;begin  fillchar(a,sizeof(a),0);  for i:=1 to n do  read(a[i]);end;procedure split(low,high:longint;var k:longint);var  x,i,j,t:longint;begin  i:=low;  x:=a[low];  for j:=low+1 to high do { this is to HIGH. not to N }    if x>=a[j] then    begin      inc(i);      { exchange A[i] and A[j] }      t:=a[i];      a[i]:=a[j];      a[j]:=t;      { exchange end }    end;    { end if }  {for end}  { exchange A[

xa-chosen - xa.js fork of jquery.chosen

xa.js fork of jquery.chosen

xa.js - Simplistic & lightweight javascript application framework

Simplistic & lightweight javascript application framework

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