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xacc.ide is a opensource IDE aimed at mainly .NET development. It has a code editor written in 100% C# code, which is faster than most commercial offerings.




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Wiimoteinput - A C++ Wiimote interface library using Raw Input API (WinXP)

Intro.wiimoteInput is based on Raw Input API of Windows XP. It provided a easy to use and event-driven interface for Wiimotes or other expansions in the future. The latest code is in the SVN respository. Quick Start#include "wiimoteInput.h"// Initializationif (!wiiInput.init(<Handle of Main Window>))) {\tstd::cout << "wiimoteInput initialization faild." << std::endl;\treturn;}wiiInput[0]->setThreshold(1);wiiInput[0]->setMode(WIIMOTE_MODE_ACC);...// Message Processing FunctionLRESULT CALLBACK Sam

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