Cross Site Scripting Anonymous Browser

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Cross Site Scripting Anonymous Browser (XAB) leverages web sites and client browsers to build a network of drones. It is not to replace the current anonymous browsing applications, but provides an alternative that does not require willing participants.



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Xml-application-builder - XAB is a wizard based, instant web application creation tool that uses W3

Currently, this project is in sketch-pad mode. Imagine being able to whip up a small web application by describing some business entities, setting their parameters (fields) and relations, seeing the automatically generated XML, then popping up an XSLT editor to apply the layout. Here are some ideas: The interface for this application is implemented using XUL as a firefox plugin The backend application is created using object oriented PHP. PHP scripts/classes extend and utilise XAO. Forms can be

Graffiti-slideshow - Graffiti Slide.Show Photo Gallery Plugin

Description:A set of Graffiti CMS plugins that render a Silverlight photo gallery on a post page. They use the the open source Slide.Show Silverlight photo gallery control. Versions:Version 1.2This is the most current version. Uses a slightly customized version of the improved Slide.Show2 control. Slide.Show2 is written in 100% managed code using Silverlight 2.0 and deployed as a XAB file. It requires Graffiti CMS 1.1 or above. This version currently contains two photo gallery plugins. The diffe

Padset - Configure Apple Trackpad devices on a PC without BootCamp

Apple's Magic Trackpad can be used on a PC without bootcamp by extracting drivers from their update files. This utility emulates the device configuration routine of the bootcamp control panel, allowing PC users to modify the behavior of their trackpad without installing additional Apple software. BackgroundAttaching a debugger to the Boot Camp control panel, one can see that the settings are written with an IOCTL of the format CTL_CODE(FILE_DEVICE_MOUSE, 0x801, METHOD_BUFFERED, FILE_ANY_ACCESS).

adawm - Window manager written in Ada. Uses xab.

Window manager written in Ada. Uses xab.


Proyecto Final del GS de Desarrollo de productos electrónicos. Controlador de fotografia basado en PSoC

xab - X Ada binding. A high level library to interface with X. Uses xcb_ada.

X Ada binding. A high level library to interface with X. Uses xcb_ada.