Render input formats as SVG trees

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x2svg is software to graphically lay out files like XML Schema, DTDs and Java property files as scalable vector graphics (SVG). Diagrams can be converted into PDF, PNG, TIF and EPS files directly from within x2svg. A simple GUI and ant integration exist.



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WebKit is an open source web browser engine. WebKit is also the name of the Mac OS X system framework version of the engine that's used by Safari, Dashboard, Mail, and many other OS X applications. WebKit's HTML and JavaScript code began as a branch of the KHTML and KJS libraries from KDE.

Cairo Graphics

Cairo is a 2D graphics library with support for multiple output devices. Currently supported output targets include the X Window System, Quartz, Win32, image buffers, PostScript, PDF, and SVG file output. Experimental backends include OpenGL (through glitz), XCB, BeOS, OS/2, and DirectFB.

Phpsvg - Edit and create SVG Documents using OO PHP

Edit and create SVG Documents using Object Oriented PHP. Features:Open SVG and SVGZ (GZipped) Generate thumbnails ou export to png, jpg, gif Support embebed images. Use php features: SimpleXMLElement, GZip, Gd, Imagemagick. Full documented Is in development. Current version: 0.6. Code example: <?php require_once "../svglib/svglib.php"; $svg = SVGDocument::getInstance( 'resource/apple.svg' ); //open to edit //$svg = SVGDocument::getInstance( ); //default read to use $rect = SVGRect::getInstance(

Canvg - Javascript SVG parser and renderer on Canvas

Introductioncanvg is a SVG parser and renderer. It takes a URL to a SVG file or the text of an SVG file, parses it in JavaScript, and renders the result on a Canvas element. The rendering speed of the examples is about as fast as native SVG. What's implemented?The end goal is everything from the SVG spec. The majority of the rendering and animation is working. If you would like to see a feature implemented, don't hesitate to contact me or add it to the issues. Potential usesAllows for inline emb

Leonore - SVG Javascript Library

Welcome to LeonoreLeonore is a suite of javascript classes to enable the easy client-side drawing of shapes, lines and images using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). SVG itself is a very simple standard, allowing the creation of complex shapes and diagrams via the combination of basic XML structures. If all you want to do is draw a circle then standard SVG is all you need. This package was created both to allow some of the XML complexities to be abstracted away and also to allow more dynamic contr

Biggles - simple, elegant python plotting

Biggles is a Python module for creating publication-quality 2D scientific plots. It supports multiple output formats (postscript, x11, png, svg, gif), understands simple TeX, and sports a high-level, elegant interface. It's intended for technical users with sophisticated plotting needs. This is the development site for the next major release of biggles. The stable version can be found at

Svgfig - Quantitative drawing in Python and SVG

SVGFig (pronounced svig-fig)The SVGFig package lets you draw mathematical figures in Scalable Vector Graphics format (SVG), using the Python language. As a tool, its usefulness lies somewhere between freehand drawing programs, which don't give you quantitative control over your figures, and traditional plotting packages, which fit your data into a prescribed template. SVGFig allows you to draw anything you can express in Python. SVGFig is particularly suited to handle non-linear geometries. All

Mathnetics - Mathematical objects and 3D rendering for Javascript and SVG

Mathnetics has moved!See for the most up-to-date version of the code. Development has not been active, but this site will no longer be updated. Mathnetics is an API for creating advanced, interactive, web-based mathematical applications. It defines various important mathematical objects that are inter-related and on which many numerical calculations can be done. Mathnetics also features rendering of 3D objects onto an SVG canvas (to do so, it includes certain

Chessmonk - Open Source Chess Viewer and Database Tool

Currently only PGN viewing is implemented, but that it does well. It features a scalable board with SVG piece graphics, move animation, a game list and a detailed display of the notation, including comments and variations.Planned features among others are editing, computer analysis, and database queries. Chessmonk is intended to be an easy to use alternative to chess suites like ChessBase or scid. RequirementsThis application requires GTK+ version 2.8.x. Other dependencies include:PyGtk, gnome-p

Goplot - Working toward making simple graphs (with SVG output) in Go

GoPlot is a learning vehicle for experimenting in the Go programming language. The direction of the code is toward a graphing utility with some curve-fitting features. So far it's capable of doing a simple linear regression on the source data. As of version 0.3.0, GoPlot runs as a web server. The one page it serves presents a graph and a textarea for entering data as x,y pairs, one per line. For example: 1,22,8.53,94,135,13.56,20Input is simple value pairs (2D points) and results are provided as