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X29 is a vertical scrolling arcade shooter.




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holyquran4android The link in the Android Market https://market.android.com/details?id=com.hamdyghanem.holyquran&feature=search_result The page in google knol http://knol.google.com/k/hamdy-ghanem/holyquran4android/3n0yrj5rx5x7a/29?hd=ns# The page in facebook https://www.facebook.com/HolyQuran4Android

Xswingx - ...when swingx ain't enough

Vote for SwingX Issue 306#29;#27;#29; if you want xswingx to be integrated into SwingX xswingx can help you... Add prompts to any text component. Add child components to any text field. (Called buddies. Wonder why? Read the FAQ.) Add a search field to your UI (and let it look and behave like native - or not). View GettingStarted to get started or try the WebStart Demo to get an idea of what this is all about. Want to know how it works and why you should use it? Read the FAQ. HighlightsSuper easy to use -

Image-resizer-fs - FUSE filesystem to mount any existing directory tree to provide reading images as

Image Resizer FSDescriptionWith this script, you can mount any existing directory tree to any folder in which all images will behave like thumbnails of original image. When to use it?Whenever you needs smaller image than original and don't want to resize it manually. For example when you send photos via email or when you upload some photos to web. Original photos usually have size in MBs and it's not necessary to send photos to your friends in original quality. With this, you can (without any wo

Ideah - Haskell plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

Aboutideah is a Haskell language support plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. With ideah, you can do your Haskell programming using all of IDEA's build automation tools and much more. We are happy to anounce the first release. Please report bugs. To work with the plugin, you'll need: IntelliJ IDEA 10.x or 11.x GHC (Glasgow Haskell Compiler), preferably Haskell Platform The Haskell Cabal, if you don't have Haskell Platform Note: Future releases will be developed for IDEA 11.x. 10.x will not be supported. De

Dotnet-scheduling - Lightweight library for modelling reoccuring calendar events in C#

For my work in software programming the occasional spec comes along to allow scheduling of events. Based on calendars from other software, this lightweight library provides the classes to represent reoccurring appointments/events. In particular: One-off event Daily event that can occur every X days Weekly event that happens on particular days of the week every X weeks Monthly event that can be set up in two ways: On day Y of the month every X months, or On the Zth day of the Yth week every X mon

Mvn2-spring-jpa - Integration testing with Maven 2, Spring, JPA, Hibernate, and HSQLDB

This project is a working example of a simple integration test using Maven 2, Spring, JPA 1.0, Hibernate 3, HSQLDB, and JUnit 4. To run the example, download the distribution, unzip it so that there are no spaces in its path, and run mvn test. See file README in the distribution for further details. If you have issues, questions, or comments please join the discussion in our Google Group. Update - 12/20/2011: Converted repository from Subversion to Git. Update - 09/29/2009: Updated pom with late

Tiger-toolchains - Compilers and binary tools for Mac OS X 10.4 (currently PPC only)

ContentsCompilers and binary tools for Mac OS X 10.4 (currently PPC only): gcc-4.0.1 (Apple build 5493) gcc-4.2.1 (Apple build 5666.3) gcc-4.6.0 (FSF, slightly patched) gcc-4.6.1 (FSF, applied patchset from Fink package) ld64-94.17 (with patches from Gentoo Prefix to disable unwinding support) ld64-94.17 (with unwinding support taken from LLDB) ld64-123.2 (with unwinding support taken from LLDB) cctools-782 (needed for compatibility with LTO in gcc-4.6) cctools-800 Csu-79 (needed for lazy-linkin

Qrm3wifi - A simple SSL authenticator program written in C++ and QT4

>>> UNMANTAINED PROJECT <<< QRm3WiFiThis is my first C++ and QT4 experiment! I have developed this application to learn a new language (C++ with QT4 support) It's just a simple SSL authenticator written for the University of Rome "Roma Tre" that provide a fast and not invasive system to authenticate yourself to use the WiFi infrastructure. It's multi-platform: Linux, Windows and MacOS X News[29/01/2008] Ready to download the new binary setup for Windows XP (32bit); this is the unoptimized versio

Kouchat - Simple serverless chat client for local area networks

KouChatKouChat is a simple serverless chat client for local area networks. It's written in Java, and is free software. News:29.11.2011: KouChat goes Android Read more. 15.11.2009: KouInject goes public Read more. 14.06.2009: The road ahead Read more. 11.06.2009: KouChat v1.0.0 is out! Read more. 28.12.2008: KouChat v0.9.9 is out! Read more. Features:Main chat Private chat Selectable text color for your user Smileys See when someone writes Away messages Topic File transfer System tray integration

Zoie - real-time search and indexing system built on Apache Lucene

New Zoie Home: http://javasoze.github.com/zoieZoie issue tracking has been moved to: http://linkedin.jira.com/browse/ZOIEZoie wiki has been moved to: http://linkedin.jira.com/wiki/display/ZOIE/HomeZoie source control has been moved to: http://github.com/javasoze/zoieZoie is a real-time search and indexing system built on Apache Lucene. News: Zoie 2.0.0-rc3 is released (2/17/2010) - Requires Lucene 2.9.x or Lucene 3.0. Originally developed at LinkedIn.com. Donated by LinkedIn.com on July 19, 2008