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x264vfw is the VfW (Video for Windows) version of well known x264 encoder + ffh264 decoder (from FFmpeg/Libav project).




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Myvcr - Capture video stream from webcam or other devices

MyVCR captures video stream to a compressed video file. (By default it uses x264vfw as the compressor). And one more exciting feature is that MyVCR supports user-defined plugins with which you can generate a lot of video effects. Check BuildHelp.txt for more information about Building. MyVCR�以��视频�和音频�到压缩的视频文件中。默认情况下它使用x264vfw作为编视频�器。 �外一个激动人心的特性就是MyVCR支��件功能。用户�以自行定义

Legendasbaixator - Legendas Baixator / Subtitle Downloader

PresentationLegendas Baixator is a Vuze plugin for downloading video subtitles automatically when a torrent finishes downloading. ConfigurationAfter install the plugin, start using it is very simple, you just have to active it on Vuze Plugins Configuration and when a download is finished the plugin will find the subtitle. Websites searchAfter activating the plugin, the websites to look for subtitles must be selected with language, extension/format and fill user/password if necessary. The followi

x264vfw - Clone of x264vfw sourceforge repo

Clone of x264vfw sourceforge repo