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Basic for UNIX




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bmpanel2 - NETWM compliant panel for X

bmpanel2 projectNice NETWM-compatible panel for X11. Features: Look'n'feel customization via themes (see ThemeGallery). A bunch of widgets: desktop switcher, taskbar, launchbar, systray, clock, decor, empty. Pseudo-transparency support. Written in C with speed and clarity in mind. Small number of dependencies, briefly: glib2, cairo, pango, libX11. Small memory footprint (about 2-4 megabytes). Small executable (80 kilobytes at the moment). where is what I'm looking for?If you're looking for somet

DirectX 11 Framework for Experimentation

Basic Framework for DirectX 11 (without DXUT) containing basic stuffs like Text Rendering, Quad Render, Model Loading, basic Skinning animation, Shader framework (substitute for the effect API) and lots of random stuffs !!!

Superstartrek-js - Port of the classic Super Star Trek game to Javascript

This is a Javascript port of the classic 1970s Super Star Trek game, one of a number of (mostly) related trek-themed games from that era. Step into the flared trousers of James T Kirk and command the Enterprise across a galaxy of 8x8 quadrants to repel an invasion of evil Klingon battlecruisers. This version is specifically a direct port of Chris Nystrom's C port (v1.1) of the BASIC version from David Ahl's "BASIC Computer Games" of 1978. It's probably the most famous version of all, and the Jav

Beix - Beix Operating System

General Project OverviewIntroductionBeix is my new, hobby Operating System project. Basic Developer InfoProject is programmed in C and few parts in Assembly and developed under Massachusetts Institute of Technology License (MIT License), sometimes referred to as X11 License. Project IdeasI (project owner) am trying to create small OS for x86 computers, as a hobby. First goal is to make it boot :-D, and then I can try to do other things in kernel and user-space. I want to give myself a chance in

Partiwm - A window manager library and "screen for X11"

PLEASE NOTEThis project is in deep hibernation; I haven't had time to devote for several years now. If you are looking for xpra, there is a fork which receives more support at: http://xpra.org/ Welcome to the Parti projectParti is a tabbing/tiling (one might say "partitioning") window manager. Its goal is to bring this superior window management interface to modern, mainstream desktop environments. It is written in Python, uses GTK+, has an automated test suite, and is released under the GPL. Fo

Concentre-xforms - Pure javascript XForms 1.1 processor and XML framework

Concentré is a XForms/Xml framework based on 2 differents projects : xslt2xforms, libxforms. The main goal is to provide an entreprise grade client and server side XForms 1.1 basic solution based on w3c standards. Concentré is not a new project. I'm working on from some years but unfortunately I've haven't got enough time to promote it as I wanted. This year I've decided to rewrite part of Concentré project. The main goal is to provide the best XForms processor. Concentré XForms is a full ja

Libaic - AIC Library

General Project OverviewIntroductionAIC Library is collection of important and usable functions that, for example, lies in the very heart of AIC Suite Basic Developer InfoProgrammed in C (parts could be in C++), and (probably) POSIX standart, it is fully portable to any POSIX-based OS. Project is developed under Massachusetts Institute of Technology License (MIT/X11 License). Project IdeasThis library will contain many functions, I find interesting in developing or needed for AIC Suite, of cours

Pywebp - Python wrapper for webp.

WelcomeOn the pywebp project page! The pywebp is a 'native' Python wrapper 'around' the webp library. Please NOTE: This is a test project to tryout myself in a open source project. It is quite hard to me, there are some challenge: My poor English: sorry about this, My limits: I am going to break these, What is the GOAL? To deliver a simple, usable wrapper. Have a fun. Open Your Mind! Oops... The goal reached cca. 2011-12-26T21:01:00+0100 Please let me have Your test results / suggestions / suppo

Arvorezinha - A saga da arvorezinha, agora no google code!

A árvorezinha, foi uma ideia de fazer um programa em assembly que reproduzisse o seguinte: ***************Fiz o primeiro para x86, e depois os outros foram-se seguindo, uns por mim e outros submetidos por amigos ;-) x86 Assembly Visual Basic Perl e outra versão Asus OLED Mips Assembly e optimização Z80 Assembly - Spectrum 48k Brainfuck só com prints e versão com loops Haskell Z80 Assembly - TI86 MS SQL Server e Oracle nos comentários. Java Bytecode e tem ML (ocaml) e PostgreSQL nos coment

Python-geohash - fast, accurate python geohashing library

Geohash is a string representation of two dimensional geometric coordinates. This technique is well described at Wikipedia Geohash. It is basically, a form of Z-order curve. Quadtree can be used to construct a string representation. In this library, 0 for SW, 1 for SE, 2 for NW and 3 for NE. Grid Square Code (JIS X 0410, search it in JIS database) is also a string representation of geometric coordinates. That grid code is utilized by Japan's government. NTT DoCoMo use modified version of that gr