X10 Mp3Anywhere Plugin

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This plugin allows remote control of XMMS / WinAmp using a remote-control and receiver from X10. A replacement for X10's BOOM2000 software, this plug-in has additional features to make listening to mp3s from anywhere easy and fun.




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Slapstick - Cross platform audio player for USB flash drives

Simple, low-tech audio player for your USB flash drive.Simple no frills curses interface with simple free text or regex search and track queuing functionality. Only supports mp3. Slap can run anywhere Python is installed and an mpg123 binary can be obtained or compiled. It's a portable mp3 player that fits on your USB stick. Known to work on: Windows XP OS X 10.4.10 FreeBSD 6.2 Linux

Akze - AKZE CentOS ZE-K/N-MP by Www.Yaoze.Tk

�言:请大家认真看完本文�选择安装,本次把rdpm和rdkmp�并为一个安装包,增加wget安装方� RD-K-N-MP整体为32�centos 5.x下全能web�务器环境安装包,集�安装 php / jsp / cgi / asp / asp.net / ftp / access / mysql 环境 如果你需�asp.net支�请从系统安装注�事项开始,如果你�需�asp.net环境,�以标准安装centos系统(有x无x皆�) 需�安装asp.net环境,安装系统时注�选择,其他默认安装�� 一.首先更

Adosi - A simple media player created in C# to demonstrate the uses and capabilities of the .NET Fra

Adosi is a media player designed to demonstrate the many capabilities of the Bass streaming audio api. Adosi takes advantage of the new .NET 3.0 WPF interfaces to present a nice clean interface with a bundle of animations and interactions. Adosi loads the mainstream playlist (.pls) format automatically. Adosi will play all the audio types that are supported in the Bass Audio api. Right now, you can install the Adosi Audio Visual Studio Starter Kit to develop your own features and modifications.

Stagger - MP3 tag manipulation package for Python 3

Stagger is an ID3v1/ID3v2 tag manipulation package written in pure Python 3. The ID3v2 tag format is notorious for its useless specification documents and its quirky, mutually incompatible part-implementations. Stagger is to provide a robust tagging package that is able to handle all the various badly formatted tags out there and allow you to convert them to a consensus format. The package is currently in beta stage, under active development. APIs are getting stable, but not yet final. Features

Gogglesmm - Goggles Music Manager

Goggles Music Manager is a music collection manager and player that automatically categorizes your music files based on genre, artist, album, and song. It supports gapless playback and features easy tag editing. FeaturesFast and light weight. Quick startup, no splash screen needed! Supports Ogg Vorbis , FLAC, MP3 , MP4 , ASF and Musepack music files. Support for AlbumArt embedded in tag or as separate file on disk. Tag editing and file renaming capability (batch). One or more tracks may be edite

Quodlibet - audio library tagger, manager, and player for GTK+

Project Updates Are you sick of audio players that think they know how to organize your music for you? Do other media libraries choke and die after a mere 10,000 songs? Do you often find yourself thinking Boy, I wish I could grep my music? Or are you just looking for something that can tag your audio files? Quod Libet & Ex FalsoQuod Libet is a GTK+-based audio player written in Python, using the Mutagen tagging library. It's designed around the idea that you know how to organize your music bette

Eyemp - Control a music player by hand gestures

eyeMP is a framework (for C++) for a virtual touch screen. Source code and a Windows executable is available for download. The code uses Intel's OpenCV v1.00 for image processing, wxWidgets for GUI, videoInput library, a free and easy to use DirectShow library, and libwmp3 (now called libZPlay) to play MP3 files using native codecs. It functions as an independent gesture based music player. Currently a WIP. When the code becomes more complete, I plan to make the virtual touch screen UI a separat

Xcarlinktunes - Synchronize iTunes playlists to XCarlink-compatible format

DISCLAIMERThe script was used by the author on MacOS X 10.6.2 and comes with no warranties, implied or explicit. Be aware that script does file removal on the destination drive. Always remember to backup your data and keep them in a safe place. The author takes no responsibility for the damage that the script may cause. In short: USE THE SCRIPT AT YOUR OWN RISK. Synchronize iTunes playlists to XCarlink-compatible format. XCarlink is an external box installed in automobiles. It emulates CD-change

Mhag - Monster Hunter Armor Generator

AboutMHAG is a FREE armor toolkit for the video game series Monster Hunter, featuring a desktop version (MHAG Desktop) and an online version (MHAG Online). From Softoxi.com editor team: "MHAG is an useful piece of software that helps you generate armor sets for your Monster Hunter character. This simple and efficient application can easily become a great tool for any Monster Hunter player out there." Webitehttp://mhag.info DownloadsMHAG V2.2a (Feb 2012) new MH3G support! MHAG V2.0 (Oct 2011) Fea

Opencamlib - computer aided manufacturing algorithms library

Since 2011 July the latest code is now on GitHub: https://github.com/aewallin/opencamlib This SVN repository is out of date! OpenCAMLib ("ocl") is a GPL licensed C++ library with Python bindings for creating toolpaths for cnc-machines. Current features fall into roughly three categories: Cutter projection algorithms are used to project milling cutters axially ("drop-cutter") or radially ("push-cutter") in contact with a polygonal surface. Cylindrical, spherical, toroidal, and conical cutter shap