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Java control app for X10 CM11A/CM17A. Includes X10Server server-side app for Win, Linux, amp; Dallas Semi TINI. Support EEPROM /c dynamic reloadable time-of-day macros. Simple access protocol. Perl client amp; Java AWT X10Client for Sharp Zaurus, Win, amp; Linux.




Related Projects


Q10 is the QT based application GUI for he popular x10 daemon heyu which controls home automation appliances. It was built with porting for embedded systems in mind and used in touch-screen displays as it also features a virtual on-screen keyboard.

Java Home Automation

A home automation software to control various X10 devices from your computer with CM11A and CM17A serial interfaces. This is a 100% java application with many features, such as monitoring events, speech, web interface, and swing GUI.

WOSH Framework - Wide Open Smart Home

WOSH is a multi-platform message-oriented middleware written in ANSI C++. Service oriented architecture, designed for network distributed computing. Already working: Audio multimedia, X10, remote control (WinMobile, GTalk) and much more..

Insidesun - Simulates sunrise and sunset at scheduled times by brightening and dimming lamps via X10

Insidesun uses a serial connected X10 controller to command lights to brighten/dim at scheduled times, or when commanded to by X10 interfaces (controllers). It is a Java-based program with an Adobe Flex interface. Insidesun provides configuration scripts and documentation for Linux systems.

Homemate - HomeMate - Home Automation and Control (for Heyu and other items)

HomeMate is a PHP based home automation control panel. It currently interfaces with HEYU for X10 devices.It can schedule lights to turn on / off at certain times during the day, control all of your X10 lights and Appliances from the web control panel.Future additions include an “AOL AIM Bot� to control your home from an Instant messenger, condition based options for the X10 motion control and support for other devices.As it stands it’s essentially a front end for HEYU with some additional

Soccer-game-simulation - 3D Evolution Soccer

3D soccer game in C++ Very well designed soccer game. Revolutionary control system Enhanced 3D graphics DirectX10 and OpenGL2.0 Enanched AI features

Javax10 - Server providing full control over CM15A or CM19A USB interfaces

Java based X10 server for interfacing either the CM15A or CM19A X10 USB. The source code is available as a Netbeans project that can be downloaded and run within Netbeans, or built. Install libusb and the CM15A driver (.inf) produced by libusb, per the instructions on Floyd Kreutzer's website, before running the Netbeans project. Once the codebase is stable, I'll run a build and post it to the downloads page.

Domuslink - Heyu Frontend (X10 Home automation)

domus.Link :: Heyu Frontend (X10 Home automation)domus.Link is a web-based frontend for Heyu. Design focuses on separating configuration from actual controls thus giving the user a simple and user friendly GUI. The primary concern being that anyone with little or no knowledge of home automation systems can easily manage/administer the system. For detailed information on project including features and documentation please refer to: http://domus.link.co.pt/

INPopoverController - A customizable popover controller for Mac OS X (10.5+)

A customizable popover controller for Mac OS X (10.5+)

Homerun - Control and automation software for the home environment

Written in Java for OS-independence, it is also multi-protocol (X10, Insteon, Zigbee, etc), and multi-channel (Swing clients, web, J2ME, etc). A home 'operating system'. Visit information site here or SourceForge for source and binary packaged releases. Version 0.4.2 released on August 20, 2009 - check downloads