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The dream of Leibniz. A project devoted to realising the lingua characteristica and calculus ratiocinator using XML technologies where appropriate. Includes (at this stage mainly consists of) research in philosophy and logic.




Related Projects

Construct Classic

DirectX-powered game creator. Easy to use event-based logic with no programming. Drag and drop interface. Includes shaders, physics, layers, debugger and built in behaviors.

Pyttgen - Generates truth table for logical expression

Pyttgen is a python program for generating truth tables from logical expressions. For more details please visit http://httpbots.com/en/content/pyttgen or view source. NewsAdded pyttgen executable version for windows. If error arise install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) pyttgen v 1.0 released. Contact

Aspectengine - An open source game engine

This is an open source project to create an assessable yet powerful game engine.

Pybayeslogic - Python Bayesian Logic (pyblog) is a library for specifying stochastic Python function

PyBLOG IntroductionPyBLOG is an implementation of BLOG in Python. It substitutes functions in first order logic with python functions and dependency statements in the BLOG language with Python functions which return a distribution object. To get started, simply download the source and add the PyBayesLogic-0.1.0/ directory to your PYTHONPATH. Alternatively, you can also use python setup.py install. A trivial PyBLOG exampleConsider the following code fragment: from pyblog import *@var_distdef X():

Power-collector - Develop Perl code to collect information on AIX logical partitions running on IBM&

The project aims at developing some code to collect and nicely present information about logical partitions running IBM AIX on POWER. The code will be developed in Perl. Two kinds of output will be generated: plain text and LaTeX (should be compatible with any LaTeX compiler, but for testing purposes we will use TeXlive 2010). Future versions may include html output.

Quadratix - Simple board game

This is a simple board game. You and your opponent playing on board 7 x 7 squares. Main goal is put 4 markers of your color to the 4 corners of square ("mark the square ").

Mathcompiler4net - Small customizable library for manipulating with various expressions.

The library allows to parse and "precompile" the mathematical expression like 20-1+(x1+5*24.5)-sin(x1/x2-4) to solve it for specified x1 and x2 values. Also it can partially optimize your expression - and you can get 19+(x1+122,5)-sin(x1/x2-4) result for example expr. You can add your custom operations like "&&^", with your custom signature, priority level and calculation logic. You should only declare this in xml configuration file and add your ICalculator handler for this new kind of operation

Rubytime - This is a basic time tracking system for any company that tracks and bills for time spent

RubyTime v. 2.x is no longer supported. Lunar Logic Polska has released RubyTime 3.0RubyTime 3.0 alpha is now live at http://github.com/LunarLogicPolska/rubytime/ AboutLunar Logic Polska built this fast to use in-house for tracking time on small projects. It supports multiple users, roles, projects and clients. Filtered data can be output in the form of tables or graphs. We invite novice Ruby developers looking for a comfortable practice environment and a friendly community to help us turn this

TechNewLogic GraphIT - WPF 2D Line Chart and Graph Control

GraphIT is a WPF control for drawing and analyzing 2D line charts. It is written in C# and utilizes no interop with DirectX oder other non-WPF technologies.

grailmud is a MUD server written in Python

grailmud is a MUD server written entirely in Python (though optimising bottlenecks in C, and a more restricted language for builders and untrusted coders to work in are options which will be considered in the future) with a loosely coupled design between the game logic and the display logic for players, as well as a more loose than is traditional coupling between object logic and object state. grailmud also leverages Twisted, pyparsing and durus, so a bare minimum of low-level (networking|parsin