X-Itools: Enterprise Collaboration

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X-Itools: eXtended Internet Tools. Suite of tools composed of several modules like agenda, contact list, extended task/flow chart manager, password/device history manager, ticketing system, visitors/badges manager, policy manager (Nagios, and others in the futur)... Old and initial project in 2001. X-Itools E-mail management module (log analysis) initiated in 2004 with Web 1.0 technologies (private SVN server). X-Itools development restarted since 2011, on the basis of a unique module: E-mail management module (log analysis). It is now based on web 2.0 technologies (ExtJS 4.1) and has been restarted because of a particular interest given to it by a world wide Non Profit Organization (UN). Module renamed quot;X-Itools E-LSEquot;, for quot;X-Itools E-mail Log Search Enginequot;. Some features: Log analysis and correlation of Postfix and Exchange servers, statistics, policy manager, in-deep analysis, automated network graphs for e-mail tracing, CSV export... The Swiss knife of Messaging Admins!




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